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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

My foot is much better today. I still know I have toes (they're a bit sensitive), but there's no itching or burning. It was like a bad sunburn, and I'm recovering about as quickly. Whew. No doctor needed. I am, of course, taking precautions to be sure it never happens again.

My roomie accidentally put her arm through the glass pane on the door between the back porch and the kitchen last night. The noise scared the heck out of me, and we had a lot of work to get all the shards cleaned up. (The door is at least 20 years old, probably more.) Thank God, Randi only got a few minor cuts. It could have been worse. However, we now have cardboard nailed up there, which looks tacky, but can't be helped right now.

coastal_spirit, life on the farm ain't exactly what John Denver describes!

On another note, I'm back to using my nanokat journal, since Nano is almost upon us. I hope all of you will visit me there and cheer me on. It really does help. And I hope all of you will forgive me, as you do each year, if I pretty much go underground for the month of November.


life on the farm ain't exactly what John Denver describes!

Somehow I expected as much. ;) Thank God I'm a Living-on-the-Edge-of-Suburbia Girl!

So glad to hear that your foot is better. Chemical poisoning is a very scary thing. *huggles you*

I will be cheering your writing on during every step of the way!

And, damn, that should be I suspected as much!
AGH! And here they always tell you that Sevin is so *benign*. Yah. Right.

I'm glad your footie is better now. (What are you trying to kill with the Sevin?)
Fire ants. It's far from benign - and we never use it anywhere near the smaller animals! - but it is the least harmful of the pesticides, as far as I know. And far less harmful than leaving a horse confined in a stall with fire ants biting their legs.

Just to reassure you, we only put a light spread down, and only when I actually see ants swarming. (Part of my job is to go into the stalls with my cane and beat on the areas of loose dirt, trying to stir up the ants. Ah, life on the farm.)