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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Peanut is making me mutter things like, "You're going to end up on some Canadian's plate." Although I just found out that raw horse is a Japanese delicacy, so maybe I should change that. Anyway, a week or so ago she went over the fence to my neighbor's yard again, and when I went hobbling and limping after her, the bitch calmly stepped back over the fence to wait on our side. Then two nights ago she comes in with a mild case of colic, scaring me to death. (She's fine now, the pig.)

Tango has an abscess in her foot, poor baby, and can't put any weight on it. It's awful to watch a horse try to walk when they hurt that badly.

And speaking of hurting to walk, the last two weeks or so I've been having more trouble than usual, a different kind of pain that's been affecting both my legs equally. I couldn't figure out what it was for a long time, and it's been crippling me up pretty badly (luckily, it's only occasional - about 3/4 of the time, I'm normal... for me, anyway). But now I think I know what's up. Since I pulled that muscle in my back, I've been much more cautious about stretching and lifting, and I think my hamstrings have contracted. So I'm doing mild, careful stretching exercises every night in the bathtub, and I'm hoping to be all better soon.

Isn't Peter pretty? *cough* *stops gazing at her icon and moves on*

I checked two audio books out of the library by authors who are famous, but I've never read before. I liked neither of them. Now, before you say that I need to read the book rather than listen to it, I promise you - and I have much experience with this, having read many many books both visually and by listening - the immersion provided by audio is slightly less, but the quality of the writing itself shows up much more clearly. On an audio book, even small errors jump out, and weak writing limps worse than Tango's doing now. I never even finished these two books.

The two authors I read were Nicholas Sparks and James Patterson. Sparks was so freaking bad!! How the HELL did this guy become a best-selling writer?? Who has he been sleeping with? He breaks several of the most basic tenets of writing (such as "show, don't tell"), has far more narrative than dialog (which was fine in the 19th century, and even the first half of the 20th, but not now), and has no character development. His writing "voice" is as bland as vanilla ice cream and not nearly as tasty. Sorry if any of you are fans of this guy, but outrage is making me outspoken. I've read better Harlequin romances.

As for James Patterson... I can't pin down why I didn't like him. He seemed to have the formula right. He made no glaring mistakes. But despite obvious efforts to inject interest and excitement into his story, his writing voice is bland, and I simply could not get engaged. Traffic was more interesting. I read somewhere that his books are written by a pack of ghost writers. I thought at the time that the person was just being catty, but now I'm wondering if it's true.

My roomie recently introduced me to a group called Celtic Woman. I'm working my way through the two CDs she owns. I find that much of it is a bit soporific (I don't dare listen to it in the car!). But when it's good, it's better than merely good - it soars. I never, never, never thought I could hear a version of "Danny Boy" that wouldn't make me put my fingers in my ears, but they did a version that was actually a pleasure for me to listen to. The voices and music are sublime. I'm also giving another listen to "Avalon" by John Tesh. I'm not a John Tesh fan, but with the exception of one song (which, thanks to MP3s, I don't have to listen to), this album is one of my favorites. I listen to it when I need to be cheered up or energized, and it never fails.


Ugly Betty and Avatar are on! I'm a happy camper.

Work has been... interesting lately. I won't say awful, because my supervisor has been on vacation for two weeks, which takes a lot of the tension out of the air. But after they screwed over one of my co-workers, she quit and went to another department. I'm glad for her, but I miss her a LOT (we've been working together for 12 years, after all). And, naturally, her work went to the Go-To Person, aka me. So I've been trying to do two full time jobs at once, and having to battle a learning curve for her work, since I'm not familiar with most of it.

I recently became addicted to a computer game called "Emerald Tale." It's bad. I haven't watched any anime or Doctor Who at work, and I'm neglecting things at home as well. (Just a few unimportant things... like, planning my Nano and paying my bills...) I'm going to go play again as soon as I sign off here. BAD llama.


You should watch Pushing Daisies on ABC. Kristen Chenoweth is in it and the narrators voice is Jim Dale! Isn't that cool? Two of my favorite people in a TV show.


A lot of writers are good writers per say, but I think in order to be competitive or make a go at it one kinda has to sacrifice the art and 'produce'. I mean, one author I enjoy has an extremely detailed world, but his first book was confusing beyond belief, and as the series progresses his style gets noticeably worse, and the guy's not a novice writer.

On the other hand, I think books and book selling is kinda political too.
Heh, I so understand the rant about popular writers with really bad writing. I still remember this supposed horror book I read when I was in elementary school. God it was awful! There was like no adjectives or descriptive words at all!! Yeesh. Boring as watching paint dry. And it took 2 people to write it!! LOL.
Celtic Woman = ♥ ♥ ♥
I adore their Christmas album.

Best selling writer... that title really isn't worth much nowadays, is it?
I've never read any of Nicholas Sparks' books, but I've seen several movies based on them. They're the type of movie that my neighbor usually drags me to, and they usually make me want to vomit. Insipid is a very good word. As for James Patterson, I've never read anything of his, but Wes has one sitting on the bureau right now that someone gave him to read. I'll have to ask him what he thinks.

My taste does not usually coincide with those of people who read books on the "best seller" list. Well, except for Harry Potter. ;)