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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

I think I've only mentioned this to a few of you, but I thought I'd better tell everyone that I'm going to the doctor (*gasp*) next week. Those of you who know me, know that I only go to the doctor if something is seriously impinging on my quality of life. In this case, it's leg pains. Not the kind that come from my bad hip or arthritic knee, but random, sudden, sharp, bad, sometimes crippling ones, mostly in my lower legs, with occasional numbness. I looked it up on webMD, and the stuff I got was pretty scary - peripheral arterial disease and blood clots were the scariest, but sciatica and a vitamin or potassium deficiency were also possibilities. Anyway, it's more than I can handle on my own, it's been going on for weeks now, and I'm ready to go to the doctor and get it fixed.

On a lighter note, I stayed home today (I always do on Halloween, to protect my animals from cultists - yeah, really) and worked on my Nano novel (more about that on nanokat), even with constant interruptions from an idiot faculty member who thought that I should be working on his problem, even though the problem was caused by him not meeting the deadline last Monday.


I hope it's nothing serious. Do keep us updated.



From Rose in Cumberland--If it is sciatica. PLEASE try a chiropractor if your insurance allows it. My chiropractor did wonders and I did not have to worry about taking muscle relaxers or having surgery. It does take longer to COMPLETELY get rid of the pain, but I would rather go back to a chiropractor that take medicines. ---Besides, the muscle relaxers treat the symptom not the problem, so it reoccurs more often.

Re: sciatica

If that's the problem, I will *definitely* take your advice and see if my insurance will cover that. I refuse to have surgery, and I really hate taking any medications that I don't absolutely need. Thanks!!
I'm glad you're going to get it checked out. I hope it's nothing serious. It sounds very uncomfortable.

BTW, glad to see you around. You hadn't posted in awhile, and I hadn't got to chat, and I was beginning to wonder if you were okay.
I really hope that those pains are nothing serious, Kat. I'll be thinking of you.

My gosh... would anyone seriously consider harming your animals during Halloween?
Here's hoping for the best!! O_O
OY! The aches and pains of growing old!

I am sending vibes that this will be nothing but sciatica, since the numbness part makes sense. Too much sitting at the computer and writing! XP

Feel better, and please let us know how the appointment goes. If you have to get an MRI, just close your eyes. It's easy. Just take a nap.

LOL! I've had an MRI - on my hip, but they were doing the spine, so I had to lay in that tunnel, perfectly still, for *ages*. And that's exactly what I did - I took a nap.

It's interesting what you say about the computer, because yes, long sitting in a normal chair doesn't do anything in particular, but at a computer, where I'm often hunched over, it inevitably hurts when I get up.

Thanks for the vibes! Although "nothing but sciatica" made me laugh.