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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

I'm back from the doctor, but don't have news yet. My biggest fear, however, which was peripheral artery disease, is not the problem. Whew! And the doc says it's highly unlikely that it's my second biggest fear, a blood clot.

He had blood work done, and sent me for a doppler on my legs. He says he suspects that the problem might be varicose veins (how's that for something unromantic??), but he wants to be sure. The doppler was the weirdest experience! You can hear your blood going through the veins, a hollow whooshing sound, and when the leg is squeezed, the rhythm goes totally whacky. It was a real learning experience for me, because I'd always thought the veins, being inside, weren't all that greatly affected by normal things on the outside. Wrong! Just a light squeeze on my fat little calf sent the veins going batty. Wild.

Anyway, now I await the results.


Glad it's nothing too serious, then.

Usually, if it's something like vericose veins, they can treat it aesthetically and medically. Anyhoo, it's better to have it taken care of right away; a friend of mine had a thyroid problem and he resisted having it fixed because it revved up his metabolism, and it gave him serious health problems.
Varicose veins can be quite painful, and can cause the symptoms you described. I've luckily never experienced them, but my mother had problems with them and so does one of my best friends (other than you, that is. *g*)

I'm very glad that it's nothing more dire. *huggles you*
Whoo! I'm glad it wasn't what you thought it was - Now I just hope that its something easily dealt with and not too serious!

Yeah! Dopplers are weird as hell! I had to have those done at every doc visit for my legs. The "whoooosh!" sound is really strange. I found it entertaining... lol! Of course, I always joked around with the docs in order to keep myself calm anyway, so little strange things like that helped and stuff...

Anyway - Hoping for the best for ya, Kat!!!
My mother and grandmother both suffer with varicose veins. They can be quite uncomfortable but, to be honest, I'm just happy that your problems aren't anything too serious!