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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Picky, picky, picky. My boss takes micromanagement into the realm of the personal. How so? Well, every night when I leave, I call out good night to my coworkers (Carolyn, LaDonna, Amy and Megan) as I'm heading out the door. What my supervisor calls my John-boy routine. (LOL) It seems that this disturbs His Ugliness and he thinks it's unprofessional, so I should stop it.

I swear, he hates me so much, he can't even stand the sound of my voice. Sheesh. I do think that, if I don't get moved away from him to the new offices, I'll have to renew my search for another job.


You have GOT to be kidding me. That borders on harassment, if you ask me. Isn't there anyone above this a**hole that you can talk to?

How f*cking ridiculous!

(I'm going to have to ask Kevin to come up with some good pranks you can play on this jerk.)
Wow, THIS sounds familiar. This is the kind of bullshit I take from the evil triumverate all the time for the exact same reason. They hate me. So, I completely empathize. I guess I better tone down my own calling out of "good night", huh? One of the bitches took my coffee away from me the other day when I had it, briefly, on the floor and *threw it away*. The fuck? This isn't first grade and you're my COLLEAGUE, not my teacher, or even my boss.

I also understand that there's NOTHING you can do besides take it and hate them back because they have all the power and their superiors are always on their side.

Christ, in other workplaces you'd probably be considered rude and unprofessional not to acknowledge your co-workers in little ways. It sounds like your boss is, quite frankly, full of shit.
It's not a crime to say "goodbye" to your workmates. It's only common courtesy! Your boss needs a good slap across the face...
*thinks of which doctor is an ass* I think I know who you are talking about...They are just trying to make your day as gloomy as possible. Forget those F*ckers!