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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

I know I've said 100 times I'm going to leave that job. But this time, I just might mean it. This time, making the decision for the umpteenth time hasn't made me apprehensive, but rather, relieved.

As so often happens, I butted heads with my boss. He hates me. I despise him. *sigh* Anyway, here's the story. We had a visitor, and this particular visitor made a lot of changes to his itinerary. PigBoss met with him yesterday. Since he was not on the schedule today, I didn't think to give him the revised Friday itinerary. *gasp!* Huge sin! No one had ever told me that he's always supposed to have revised itineraries, but you know, ignorance and lack of training are not considered reasons to justify failure to be perfect. It became an issue because the visitor was supposed to meet with the department head at 9, only PigBoss thought it was 11.

Now, let me backtrack just a little. First thing in the morning, according to ALL versions of the itinerary, I was supposed to meet the visitor on the plaza and escort him to the lecture hall. On my way out, by lucky chance, I saw him and PigBoss walking up the hall together! I don't know how or why PigBoss ended up with him, but since, if I hadn't seen them, I'd have waited outside in the cold for half an hour in growing anxiety, that pissed me off a bit. But I swallowed it, went to the lecture hall, and told the visitor that either the department head, his admin, or myself would be there after the lecture to escort him upstairs. I then contacted the admin, she said the department head would do it, and I didn't worry. Until 9:20, when who should saunter in but PigBoss and the visitor! Due to the old itinerary, you see, so therefore all my fault.

Worse - and this is what particularly struck me - I was afraid to step forward and speak to him about it.

As it turned out, the dept. head had spoken to the visitor and they'd called their meeting off. But PigBoss hadn't been informed of that, I guess, because I wasn't in any less trouble. My supervisor stepped in, but then, she's the one who insisted I should have sent PB the itinerary.

I got pretty hot. I mean, PB wasn't supposed to be with the guy in the first place!! And if he wasn't such a jerk to me, a few words would have straightened everything out. What gripes my butt is that I've had several visitors praise how I've handled their visits, including this one. One even told PB that he had an excellent administrative staff. I've never had a complaint from a visitor's admin, and one admin once told me that she'd never been given such complete information and so much help before. Furthermore, the extensive files on procedures for visitors, including templates of all forms and bookmarked instructions, and made available to everyone, was created by me. But gee, y'know, not only does that not mean anything, but I don't even get to bring it up. Because PB is not interested in anyone defending themselves. (Check out the term "bully" at any bad-manager site. That describes him.)

This happened to come after I was already fuming, a little, because I saw him in the hall last Wednesday happily chatting away with one of my coworkers, just chitchatting and smiling and all friendly. This man won't even meet my eyes when I pass him in the hall!

*cough* OK, shutting up. The point is, when I was telling the dept. head's admin that I hadn't mentioned the missed appointment to PB because I was afraid to, something just snapped. And then when my supervisor jumped me, something else snapped. When I'm afraid, and that old flight-or-fight thing kicks in, I fight. So I was mad mad MAD fuming pissed off mad. After about two hours, I calmed down enough to talk to another coworker, and it all kinda came together. Why the HECK do I continue working in a place where I'm afraid all the time, and even afraid to talk to my boss AT ALL? Where I'm the hardest and most versatile worker, training other people, taking on jobs no one else will take, and I'm treated like dirt? (By him - the other admins and most of the faculty like me.)

So I sat down and jotted off an email to my supervisor (who left early today), and said I planned to start job hunting as soon as I complete the grant on my desk (Dec. 13th). And this time, I don't think she'll be able to talk me out of it.


I hope everything works out for you. *hugs* Hope you find a new a better job soon!
Good. I'm glad you're looking elsewhere. You deserve a job where you'll be happy. You deserve a boss who will treat you with respect.
*HUGS* Good for you for being brave enough to take that first step in getting the hell out!

I just don't understand why people like us always end with superiors who HATE US - the only thing I can figure is jealousy since we do such good jobs. I know you do and you've gotten nothing but abuse from this assclown for it for far too long.

I'll be sending good luck vibes that you'll find something great!