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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Something unusual happened to me today.

They burned down the house next door to me. On purpose. It was arson. They even took a bale of our hay to use as an accelerant. Yup.

Before anyone thinks that the hay was stolen, or that I was aiding an arsonist, I will explain that the person who took the hay was a fireman.

Here's the story. Our town got a government grant to beautify itself by tearing down some old houses and building new ones, and the house of our next door neighbor, Betty, was one that was chosen. She's a volunteer fireman, so the fire crew asked if they could burn the house down as a practice drill for structure fires. And that's what they did. The whole area got smoked up and smells funny, but the horses, with our little field between them and the burning, were relatively undisturbed by the whole affair. The German shepherds got pretty upset, though!

It does seem weird. That house was always there, and now it's not. It was a nice little house, too, but, yeah, really run down and not nearly as well built as ours, so I guess it was OK to level it. Still, I miss it!


Wow. That must have been kind of interesting to watch. Does your neighbor now get a brand new house built on the site? Where is she going to live in the meantime? I'm surprised that your animals weren't really freaked out. I'm surprised that more people in your neighborhood weren't complaining about the potential danger, or the smell from the fire, which can be horrible.