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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Poor Rose. She's had a tooth bothering her - we have the vet scheduled for floating teeth on Monday - but Rose got an infection and is miserable. I'm not sure if her back really is hurt, or if she is just acting that way because she's hurting in her mouth. We gave her a soft, warm bran mash for dinner, which she was eating when we left her tonight, but she is a sick baby. :(

My doctor called me today. Apparently I have some arthritis in my lower back/lumbar area, yes, but that's not what's causing my pains. That, he and the radiologist agree, is from a necrotic artery in the bad hip joint. The only cure is the hip replacement, which ain't happening for a while, so I guess I'll just have to put up with it. I will be going to an orthopedic specialist next month, I suppose, just to get my options.

Sheesh, what a week. And at work, it's like I was away for a month, not a week, and I can't get caught up because so many other things keep demanding my attention - what I call being nibbled to death by ducks.

Going to bed now...


"Nibbled to death by ducks" - I like that. Aww, I don't like what's going wrong in your world though...!! :( Here's hoping its all on the up, and soon!!
I know well that "nibbled to death by ducks" feeling, oh, yes, I do.

We'll have to talk more about your hip the next time I make it to chat, as I really don't understand the situation very well, but ouch. I have known several people who have had hip replacements, some of them young people, and the operations have been successful and improved their quality of life quite a bit, although the recovery time can be a bit of a problem. But then, isn't that true with any surgery, necessary or not?
It sounds like you're having a rather stressful time at the moment, dear. I wish that I could visit, bake something delicious for you, buy some books and movies for you, and give you a good pampering.