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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

I'm bringing back Peter as my icon because I saw the trailer for Prince Caspian and remembered how much I adore him. (coastal_spirit, I know I'm being a WOW now. I mean, the kid is, what? Half my age? Too bad, my hormones never really died with my menopause, and I am so. in. love.)

If anyone is interested in my take on the trailer, I say that it looks as if it will be as good as the first movie. And I can give no higher praise than that.

Rosey is still sick. She worried me yesterday, because she seemed so much worse in the morning, it scared me! But my roomie says that strep takes a long time to conquer, and she did look much better this morning than yesterday. We're taking her up to two shots a day for a few days, anyway.

As if we don't have enough problems, my roomie's refrigerator is dying. The thing is 23 years old, so it deserves a nice retirement, but we didn't need to spend any more money at this point. (And yes, we do have separate refrigerators. Why? Well, let me explain by saying that mine is only about 1/4-1/3 full at any given time, including the animal medicine which I store for both of us, whereas hers is stuffed like a pillow. 'Nuff said?)


Being a WOW has its advantages. We can get away with a lot. :)
It does look awesome! And Prince Caspian looks hawt too! Lol.
Excuse my ignorance here but whats a "WOW"?
Wicked Old Woman. *g*