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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Rose almost died today. She was having a lot of trouble breathing last night - it sounded as if she had "the strangles" - and this morning she was even worse. My roomie took her to our regular horse vet, Dr. Cilella. Dr. Cilella is too expensive for routine stuff or barn calls, nearly three times what the other vet charges, but when it comes to something big, there is no one better. He said a few more hours of what she was doing, and she would have lost consciousness and died.

He gave her a cortisone shot, and as of 6:00 PM, her breathing was back to normal. That's the good news. The bad news is that Dr. Cilella doesn't know what's wrong with her. He scoped her, but it seems that the problem area is near the adenoids, and operating there is very tricky, due to the closeness of many major arteries, including the carotid. But he's baffled about the cause. However, this is a man who not only attends veterinary seminars, but has been a featured speaker at them, so if anyone can figure it out, he can.

In the meantime, she's breathing good and being fed well, and she has about a 50% chance of getting through this alive, which was better than she had last night.

Anyone who has angels or good vibes to spare, send them to our Rosey!


Oh no!! Poor thing... :( All my best wishes and good vibes are with her, and you!!
*HUGS* I'm so sorry, Kat! I'll be sending all the extra good wishes I have her way. She'll pull through.
I'll be keeping dear Rose in my thoughts. ♥
Good vibes coming Rosey's way ... you're all in my thoughts.
Dear God.

I cannot think of words to even begin to convey my sympathy. My best wishes and hopes for both Rose and you and your roommate who is going through this with you.