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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Rose report:

She looked horrible last night. She's so thin that she looks like an ASPCA rescue. Her coat was staring. (For those of you who don't know the term, that means the hair was dry, brittle, and lifeless instead of sleek and shiny.) She stood with her head down, moping. And she didn't eat much of her food, although she did eat her hay.

Randi called the vet today, just to see what we should expect, and he says it will be at least a month before she's back to her old self. That, believe it or not, is reassuring.

Tonight, she was markedly better. Only a little, but I could see it. Also, while she was at the vet's, he made an incision and drained and cleaned what he could where the drainage had pooled in her throat. Last night, the swelling was still there. Tonight, it was draining. The swelling was diminished, and while she was eating, every time she moved her jaws, more stuff would squirt out. Randi says that she drained about two or three tablespoons worth of ick while she was cleaning the area and giving her the penicillin shots. Probably only tianning will understand what a positive thing this is.

But I could see she was better, even before we noticed that. The signs were very subtle - she's still a sick horse - but she is better. YAY for our sweet, strong Rosey!!!

Tomorrow morning, I'll clean her throatlatch again and leave her in the barn for an extra hour with some more bran mash. Three days of double meals (Randi doesn't work on Monday, so she'll get that day, too) will add some weight. I hope!

In case anyone has noticed that we have cold rain here in Texas, let me assure you that she has a waterproof blanket keeping most of her body dry and warm.


Glad she's doing better, and glad to know she's got such a good owner to look after her.
Oh my GAHD.

Poor Rosa! When I checked last, I thought this was all fine. Little did I know what a knock she had taken. It's incredible how fast they lose weight. And you know...at least this is true in rabbits (which are just tiny horses, as you know), when they get this thin this fast, it's often dehydration.

Has the vet given her fluids? Is she on any kind of IV or subQ fluid regimen? At least in rabbits, this can make all the difference in the world in terms of them just *feeling* better. When your electrolytes are all out of whack from a hit like this, sometimes you just need fluid therapy to get back in line and start healing more effectively.

So it was an abscess in her throat? YUCK!! Did they take a sample for culture, just to be sure they know what it is in case it ever comes back? How on earth did she get something like that? A foreign body? Poor baby! I just can't get over this.

I'm so glad she's home and under your tender care. I'm going to check every day for updates now. Jeez!


Rosa and Bless all the neighbors and vets that helped

Abcess was apparently behind the adenoid and had a channel into the areas vet opened. After sonogram and endoscopy, he couldn't see the primary abcess shutting off her windpipe. Used cortizone and releived the pressure and some of the inflmmation. IT WAS AWFUL to hear her trying to breathe. He said if she passed out from lack of oxygen it could be over. But he saved her. She was still leaking liquid, but much more fluid and less infected when I called yesterday to doublecheck *normal* and what to watch for. Vet's wife, who I will forthwith not say anything about, gave me some good advice and then called her husband while on her way to visit Santa w/ boys, and pulled her off the shots. She could not believe Rosa was still being an angel about the shots. I never even had to halter her. When I described the fluid coming out while eating, she thinks it hit a siliva gland and you know, I think she's right. That's harder to heal, but the wound looks ever so much better and she is eating everything in sight. Also, we can see some small weight gain. I've been given the best Christmas present that could be! My baby. Housemouse, Kat's roommate.