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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Rose was so much better this morning that, if I hadn't known she was sick and saw the few tiny signs, I'd have thought she was normal and the last few days just a nightmare. *happy dance*


Brilliant! What a relief!
I'm so glad that she's doing so much better. :)
WHEW!!!! Holy cow. I mean horse. Don't DO that, Rosa!! I have to get more kisses from your big, rubbery tongue! *laoum*

Poor girl. I'm so glad she's improving so quickly. Good nursing!!

(P.S. to TeaQueen: that is the cutest friggin' cottontail picture I've ever seen in my life. Must...have...cottie!)


Rosa and Bless the friends/neighbors who helped!

(Anonymous) wrote:

Dec. 23rd, 2007 04:11 pm (UTC)
Rosa and Bless all the neighbors and vets that helped
Abcess was apparently behind the adenoid and had a channel into the areas vet opened. After sonogram and endoscopy, he couldn't see the primary abcess shutting off her windpipe. Used cortisone and releived the pressure and some of the inflmmation. IT WAS AWFUL to hear her trying to breathe. He said if she passed out from lack of oxygen it could be over. But he saved her. She was still leaking liquid, but much more fluid and less infected when I called yesterday to doublecheck *normal* and what to watch for. Vet's wife, who I will forthwith not say anything about, gave me some good advice and then called her husband while on her way to visit Santa w/ boys, and pulled her off the shots. She could not believe Rosa was still being an angel about the shots. I never even had to halter her. When I described the fluid coming out while eating, she thinks it hit a siliva gland and you know, I think she's right. That's harder to heal, but the wound looks ever so much better and she is eating everything in sight. Also, we can see some small weight gain. I've been given the best Christmas present that could be! My baby. Housemouse, Kat's roommate.