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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

I injured myself today - my ankle and my dignity. It was raining, and I'd missed the 6:12 bus. The 6:22 was pulling in just as I arrived, and - not realizing it was running early - I hurried to catch it. I crossed a grassy verge which turned out to be grass no longer, but mud, and WHOOP! down I went.

Damage to the body: badly turned ankle. I think the ligaments on the outside of the ankle all got pulled, since that's where it hurts. On the good side, it's not broken or sprained. Also, I hit on my hip and side, so my head stayed up and didn't get conked on the cement rim. Nothing else hurts, either.

Damage to the dignity: severe. I went on in to work, but I was covered with mud. Mud in clumps on my bag. Mud all over my coat. Mud on my pants from butt to ankle. (The common joke: "Is that a new fashion statement, Kathy?" Reply: "Yes. Mottled! This is the basic mottled black slacks. Tomorrow I'll show you the mottled blue.") Needless to say, I didn't leave my desk much.


Aw, many sympathies. *huggles you*
Oh! You poor dear! You should have walked home and had a nice hot bath instead of going to work.
AWwww! I'm with teaqueen: You should have just packed it up, gone home and had a hot shower and then some cocoa and Avatar.

Hope your ankle feels okay today! :( Man, turned ankles suck wet cheese.

You and my mom must be related...My mom got hurt running for the bus as well...STUPID DART!!!! Anyways I just wanted to say I hope you are doing better. Take care.