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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

I looked it up on WebMD, and yup, my ankle is sprained. Going through the mud to the barn isn't helping any, but it has to be done. Still, every day I'm a little better!

My thoughts on the HP:OotP movie ~

I must say, I begin to think that the best way to enjoy the movies is to NOT read the books before seeing them. OotP is one of the books that I've only read once, and long ago, so I've forgotten most of it. Therefore, if the movie didn't follow the book closely, I only picked that up in one place, and didn't notice it anywhere else. So I enjoyed the movie completely. It's my second favorite, after the first one.

What I didn't like:
* I thought the first 15 minutes dragged a bit.
* I don't like dream sequences in movies, at any time, and while these all ended quickly, there were just too many of them.
* The fact that they stuck the "alarm" sequence - with Sirius Black supposedly being tortured - during the twins' departure. This really detracted from the latter, and that was my favorite part of the book.

What I did like: So many things! But these in particular:
* Dumbledore's Army. That whole set of sequences, with Harry coming into his own as a teacher, was great.
* The music. Although not "soundtrack" style, the music really enhanced the scenes.
* Imelda Staunton, perfect for Umbridge. And Jason Isaacs, who makes evil look sexy.
* Sirius Black, who came across much more warm and less childish than he seemed in the book.
* The kids - they've all grown, and I adore them all. If I have a special place in my heart for the twins, I can't be blamed for that. Luna was great, and Neville is developing just as he should. I loved the way they fought together with Harry.
* The big wizard's battle. Just... wow.
* The thestrels. I didn't expect to like them, but I did.

I'm sure there's more I'll have to mention later, but these things leap to mind.


I totally agree about the Twins' departure being interrupted by Harry's 'OMG SIRIUS!' bit... It makes me refer to him as a 'drama queen' every time I see that scene... -__-;;

I hear the thestrels were really well received by the fans! I thought they were very well done, but I'd have liked to see a bit more of the perspective of the kids who couldn't see them, during their flight! But still - very cool creatures. :D
I wish I could magically heal your ankle.

I really enjoyed OotP. Looking back on the book, I found it painful while reading it because it was so dark, but ultimately, it's one of my favorites.

*Imelda Staunton - I agree.
*I loved Gary Oldman as Sirius in the movie. He was what I wanted Sirius to be.
*And yes, Jason Isaacs is very sexy.
*Luna was perfectly cast.
Unfortunately, I *had* read the book recently enough to notice how very abbreviated the movie was. Seriously, Order of the Phoenix could have been made into *two* movies--or should have, anyway--to get it all right.

There just wasn't enough of anything. It was actually my *least* favorite of the Potter movies so far. Dang.

Loved the thestrals. They were just as I'd pictured them (because Rowling is so good at descriptions). But for pure mood, I still think the first movie captured Hogwarts and all the magic so well, it's hard to top.

I still think they miscast Gary Oldman as Sirius. Almost *anyone* would have been better, though you know I lean towards Gabriel Byrne. He'll always be Sirius to me....