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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

We had a little excitement this morning - that lunkhead Peanut got through the fence into the neighbor's yard. The neighbor on the other side, this time. We were very lucky, because we were literally getting ready to get in the car and leave for work. Another 2 minutes, and she'd have been out all day, and probably Magic as well. As it was, there we were at 5:00 AM, in the dark, catching her and repairing fence. The big windstorm brought down a branch which snapped the hot wire, which was why she was able to get to the low spot and jump over. I have to say, though, that she was a sweetie about letting me walk up to her. She came to me, put her nose in my hands, and let me throw the rope around her neck with no fuss. She's a lunkhead, but I do love that silly horse.

Yesterday I had a really nice treat. One of my faculty members invited me to join him and his lab for lunch at a Japanese restaurant. It had a huge buffet, and the presentation was beautiful. The doctor is a fan of Ratatouille and told me I should have a "gastronomic adventure", but I don't like fish or seafood (especially not raw), so I tried some other kinds of meat and different kinds of noodles. There were so many different dishes that I'd have to go back another 5 or 6 times to taste everything that interested me! I did try one "adventure", jellyfish salad, which had an interesting flavor, but which I doubt I'll eat again. The biggest thrill for me, though, was eating miso soup after having heard about it so often in anime!

On Monday I remarked to my roomie that I wondered how much the bookies lost on the Superbowl. Today I found out - a record breaking $2.6 million. Ouch!


Jellyfish salad? Eek! You were rather brave to try that! The very thought of it makes my insides squirm...