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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

I saw two good movies today. I seem to be getting lucky with movies lately!

The first was Stardust. I loved this movie!! It was so creative, and lovely, fun, sweet, romantic, exciting, and funny. It had so many twists and turns in the plot, and so many crazy-wild things, like the ghosts (what a hoot they were!) and the flying pirate ship, that I was on the edge of my chair through it all. Everyone was good in it, but Michelle Pfeiffer almost stole the whole thing, she was so awesome. A little extra treat for me was one of my favorite audiobook readers, Nathaniel Parker (he does the Artemus Fowl books, and he's great), was in it, playing the adult Dunstan.

The second was Song of the South. This was typically Disney, which meant the live action parts were pretty sappy (why didn't they tell us what was going on with the dad? why are Disney kids so obnoxious?) and the animated parts were terrific. I loved the butterflies, and was there ever a hero so cool as Br'er Rabbit?

It rained here all day long. I don't know how much we got - 4 to 5", I think - but our wheelbarrow was filled to overflowing! We had a few thunderstorms go through, beginning last night and going on all day, but mostly we just got a long day of drenching, neverending rain. Since we keep a close eye on the weather, we knew this was coming, so I got my grain hauling done yesterday and put off my grocery shopping until tomorrow.

My roomie is making me the coolest nightgown! The fabric is blue dragons on a black background with red and yellow flames, and besides lace, she's decorated the front with star buttons and a tassel.


Yay Stardust is awesome! And Michelle Pfeiffer just plain rocks!
Yay! I guess that means you got your package! Oops, I hope I didn't just implicate myself in violating some world-wide ban against letting anyone see *gasp* black people and white people walking off into the sunset holding hands. God. Forbid. /bitter sarcasm.

I agree 100% about the movie itself - although I do just love Uncle Remus himself. It's such a shame that one of the first black men ever portrayed as a wise, respected person on film has been buried in by his own people. There's nothing wrong or disrespectful about the live action bits of that movie.

The animated bits are some of the best things to come out of Disney's old school canon - clever, funny, brilliantly animated. I'm blown away by how good the combining of the live action and animation still looks today. And, as you said, has B'rer Rabbit alone is made of awesome. Altho, I like the other two B'rers nearly as much.

"If it's my laughin' place, then how come I'm not laughin'?"

"I didn't say it was YOUR laughin' place, B'rer Bear, I said it was MY laughin' place."


Oh, yeah, and I love Stardust too. ;-) Man, I gotta find time to get back to chat.
I absolutely adore Stardust!! :) I'm glad you enjoyed it too! ^.^
I adore Stardust – both the book and the movie. That's quite a rarity for me. I usually fall in love with a book and detest the movie adaptation. However, I loved the Stardust movie (even the added twists of the plot!)

I'd love to see a photo of your nightgown when it's finished. :)