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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

I got The Equalizer today, at last. Because I was out of the house almost all day, I only got to watch the first episode.

With anything that I anticipate as much as this - and believe me, I've been bouncing with excitement since the minute I found out it would be released! - I expect some disappointment. After all, it can't be as good as I remember, right? Especially since it's been, like, 20 years since I've seen it. So I sat down with mingled excitement and trepidation.

Was I disappointed? Answer: NO!! It was great! Just as good as I remembered, and Edward Woodward was just as good as I remembered, too. It takes one hell of an actor to be nearly 60 years old, white-haired and wrinkled and not particularly attractive, and yet come across as a sexy and very dangerous man. He's James Bond with a huge dose of wisdom. He's cool, and you can see, every minute, that there is a lot going on behind those pale eyes. And he's got the controlled aggressiveness of a tiger.

Ahem. Anyway, I am anticipating wallowing in the other episodes, especially the ones with Mickey Kostmayer - he and McCall are a great team, and I adore Keith Szarabajka.

I've often said that the right actor can bring an average show (and very few American shows are better than "average" as far as scripts go) into excellence. Edward Woodward did this. The show is good, don't get me wrong. Great premise, good scripts. But with Woodward, the action-adventure-thriller format is given the lift of intelligence and sophistication as well.

OK, shutting up now....


I remember my best friend and I really finding the lead character attractive -- and we were all of what, twenty? Wow.

Also I remember the rather complicated relationship he had with his oh-so different son in the series and how that gave it depth. And I can still remember the odd show where he did a "freebie" so to speak -- one that sticks in my mind all these years later is an episode where two kids pooled the money in their piggybanks to hire him to protect their mom -- them standing with something like $11 odd and asking if that was enough to hire him and him looking at it and them, and coming to a decision, and saying he owed them some change, when his usual price was, I think, $1,000 per day plus expenses.

It was a well written, well acted, and intelligent show. It is good to know it is as good as remembered.
Thank you so much for sponsoring me, sweetheart. You're a star and a true friend! I do hope that I can return the favour sometime.