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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Wow, what a wild couple of days I've had.

I missed work Friday because, believe it or not, it snowed here. It was really pretty to look at, but didn't last past noon. We've had so much precipitation in the last week or so that the roads I travel are all either flooded or near-flooded, which is another reason I stayed home. Coming home Thursday evening, I hit a place where fast-running water had covered the road a couple of inches deep. The exact kind of thing that sends people floating away to drown. There was someone in front of me, so I didn't see it until too late to stop. I kept up my speed (despite being blinded by the sheet of water that flew up) and, since my car has front wheel drive, I got out of it. Whew. I always said I was too smart to drive through the water on a flooded road, so I would have been mortified (assuming I survived it) if I'd been swept away.

This morning I called the vet for an emergency appointment for my cat, Beau. The last two days, he's been hiding in the pantry, and the last time a cat was hiding on me, it was Toby, and she started hiding on Wednesday and was dead by Saturday morning. He'd also lost weight and his fur was dry. So I was freaking. However, the good news is that he just has a re-infestation of ear mites, a possible bladder infection, and some soreness from when he was dumb enough to go in the kitchen with the German shepherds. He got a good cleaning, cute little pink tips on his hind claws to keep him from damaging his ears when he scratches, and lots of medicine. $141 total, but worth every penny for peace of mind. Tonight he's not in hiding, but right out in the middle of the room, bless his fuzzy little self.

I'm having trouble doing the AL update this weekend, because today was almost a total loss. After I got back from the vet, before I got breakfast even (!), my roomie and I did some quick shopping. Then we sat down to eat brunch (about 1:30, which those who know me will know is late for me to eat my first meal of the day!) , watched two episodes of Avatar, and then we got a visitor. This was an elderly man, Larry, that my roomie met through a fellow Wal Mart employee (he's the girl's father). He's an amazing guy, a horse trainer who works a lot with handicapped and retarded people. My roomie contacted him because he was interested in taking some of our mares, to train and play with, and we thought we'd meet with him to be sure he wouldn't be the type to sell them. It turned out he was just... amazing. He talked to them.

He'll be taking Peanut and Tango. He thinks he knows some physical therapy that will help Tango's stifle problem. And he got along with Peanut so well that she looked like she just wanted to crawl right into his pocket. When we walked away, she stared after us with the most hurt expression! He loves to teach his horses tricks, and that is right up Peanut's alley. (Tango isn't a people-pony, and she didn't care much.) So although I'll miss my girl (Peanut, that is), I know that she'll be really happy with Larry. And - since lately Peanut has been crashing through fences more than ever - she'll be much safer on Larry's property.

I'm really hopeful about this. He has all the feeling for horses that I could wish for. His beliefs about how to handle them are just like mine and Randi's, and his knowledge is much greater. He'll give Peanut all the attention she's been craving. *crossing fingers*


Poor Beau! I'm glad to hear the he's feeling better now. :)