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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

We said goodbye to Peanut and Tango today.

I know this is all for the best. Tango couldn't get enough attention here, with the Black being so needy and Rose more assertive about getting attention. She was lonely and a bit depressed, and has been since the Black came here. Peanut was desperate for attention and love, and she kept getting through our fences no matter what we did. She was going to get herself killed, and maybe kill a person, as we are only a block from a highway.

Larry works with equine therapy for retarded and handicapped kids. Randi mentioned him to a Wal Mart cashier who knows him, and the cashier said (without knowing why Randi mentioned him) that Larry has his horses next to her own property and that he takes excellent care of them. (She actually said she thought they were too fat, something that's been said about our own horses.) Tango will love taking care of children, and Peanut has already fallen in love with Larry. Other people who have thought about adopting our babies have come by, and I got bad vibes off them, which later turned out to be accurate, but I got no bad vibes off Larry. He treats his horses just like we do, with love and treats and talking to them.

So I know this was a good move for them as well as for us. Intellectually I know it. But, with one exception (the horse was actually vicious), this is the first time we have ever had a horse that we didn't keep until it died. My mind is OK with it, but my heart feels as if I've betrayed them. And oh, I miss them so much. I'll be crying for a long time.

Anyone reading this, send good vibes to protect our babies from harm and keep them happy.


*sends lots of love and positive vibes*
*HUGS* I know this has to be really hard for you. They're both great horses and I'm so glad you found a good new home for them. They'll be very happy. :-)
It was a hard thing to do, but it was the right thing for everyone concerned, and you can take comfort in that. *hugs you and sends good vibes*
It is hard when children leave the nest, even if the children are equine. May your horses enjoy their new home. Give yourselves time to adjust to your new, emptier household. Be kind to yourselves.
All good wishes to you, and to them. I know its sad to see them go, but it sounds like they just may have a life they've been wanting, from here. *HUGS!!*