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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Man, what a rotten two days I've had!

Yesterday, I got stranded in the boonies by the bus. It goes like this: my bus has an occasional (about 12x/day) route combined with another, further out, which we will call End of the Line, because that's pretty much what it is. The combined route is plainly indicated by a rotating sign on the front of the bus - instead of just showing one number, it rotates between the two. Apparently yesterday's, however, came in as a combined route but left town as an End of the Line route, and the stupid driver didn't change the sign. So me and another woman got on expecting to be taken to our park-and-ride, and got stranded at the End of the Line instead. The driver was no help, and even steered us to the wrong bus to get back to town. Luckily, there was a guy there who was familiar with the routes and guided us. We ended up taking two buses to get back to where we belonged, and by then, it was 7:00. (I usually get to my car at 5:20.) I got home at 8:15, and we basically just grabbed a quick dinner before we dashed out to feed the horses. I feel really bad for my roomie - she was stuck there an extra hour and a half, sitting on a hard bench.

Then today, I am told by Dede (my supervisor) that I'm going to do nothing else but help one of my coworkers, Maria, with a grant. Now, this is a HUGE grant, and one which I had never touched before (although I am the grant application wiz in my office, Dede handled this one). So I knew almost nothing about it. Maria, who's new, had done almost nothing on it. And Dede says that I'm supposed to work with Maria to get it ready by 1:00, while she (Dede) was out taking a class. With almost no instructions and without her there for us to ask questions, Maria and I just faked it, and then when Dede got back, it turned out that about 3/4 of what we'd done hadn't been necessary. Plus I had another grant to work on today, in addition to that one! I worked through lunch, so essentially I've had no breaks since 4:00 AM yesterday.

I also had to attend a meeting at lunch yesterday. BLEH. So, Loki, if you're reading this, I've missed two days of anime watching. SUCKS!!!

However, there are good things. For one, I got the game Final Fantasy XII and started playing. zora113, I'm waiting to talk to you about it. *eg*

For another, the guy who delivers our hay is going to bring his backhoe out here and re-contour our property to get rid of our biggest mud pit problems. He's been waiting for the big ruts to dry out, but he thinks tomorrow will be a good day. Yay!


*hugs you* Stupid, incompetent people like that bus driver just infuriate me. They don't care how much they inconvenience people. GRAR.

And I won't even get started on Dede. *see my icon* Or your lack of breaks. Grrrrrrr.....

Hope you get a little time to relax this weekend, and also hope to talk to you soon.