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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Ah, Saturday. My day of rest.


Last night when we came home, Rose was in the back yard, happily munching grass, after having successfully rolled our wire fence down low enough to step over. And unlike Peanut (who, when she fence crashed, always waited for me to come up to her, happy to see me, totally oblivious to having done anything wrong), when I appeared, she stepped back into the paddock, knowing she was in trouble. As soon as I was gone, back into the yard she went. (hee - at one point, Molly chased her out.)

I informed that frigging bitch that the reason Peanut was gone was because she kept crashing down our fences, and that if she ever did it again, she, too, would disappear forever.

So today we had fence to fix. We had some cattle panels (wire fence about 18' long) in the ring, so we grabbed one and shored up the fence there (which has needed fixing for months), then grabbed another and dragged it to the back yard. We wired it up really strong, fixed the bottom so the dogs couldn't get out, and restrung hot wire all along that area and the side by the ring. It took us almost four hours, and by the time we got back in, we could barely walk. *hobble hobble* But I feel good about the work.

The only thing I got to do today besides work on fencing was to watch Enchanted. I loved it - they had a really good touch, balancing between the spoof and the Disneyish goo that makes most of Disney's live action films unbearable without an insulin shot. Every time I thought it would cross the line, it laughed at itself. And Idina Menzel was in it!!! Why has no one ever told me that??? It was a complete surprise, although a totally wonderful one. (How could anyone film a musical with Idina in it, and not let her sing?)

I had two quibbles with it. Which is actually pretty good! One is minor - during the big dance number, they show Giselle and Robert on a blanket with a picnic lunch. Up to that point, all the running around and changes were acceptable. You could sort of fill in the gap with an idea of the action, people running from here to there. That, however, jarred me right out of the mood, because it implied a dead stop while they got a blanket and made a lunch. Feh.

The second was more of a bother. After the movie, I bitched to my roomie that a real improvement would have been to have done a scene, just one short scene, to establish Nancy as a romantic. I mean, she goes from cooing over flowers to jumping headlong into a fairy tale? HUH? What really gripes me is that, when I watched the bonus features, there was a deleted scene which did exactly what I thought was needed!! (In fact, there were two of them.) So, to Kevin Lima, who said the scenes were set ups that weren't needed, YES THEY WERE!!

Still, it was great fun. Half the fun was seeing all the references. Having not seen Snow White in a long time (don't like it), I missed many of those, but I caught about 2/3 of the rest. The cast, too, were all perfect. Except the cockroaches. Could have done without them.


Totally agree with you on all your points about Enchanted - DOUBLY so with the cockroaches!!! AAAAH!!!! I watched that part with my hand over my eyes... o_O
Hurray! I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed Enchanted! I completely agree with your point about Nancy, though. Her character didn't come across as the 'hopeless romantic' type. The whole swooning scene, with Edward handing her the missing shoe, just didn't seem right. It seems that was done for the sake of every character having a Happily Ever After...