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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Stole this from starwefter :

Haiku2 for dragonfare
a cool person
great fun to be around and
she started hiding
Created by Grahame

I had to mow the lawn again, this time the front yard. Next week, it'll be the back yard again. I'll be mowing every week until the rainy season's over. Unless it's actually raining on the weekend. *checks NOAA hopefully* Nope. No rain. Nuts.

My roomie and I finished Scrapped Princess, which I liked a lot. (Partly, I admit, because Shannon Casull is a wonderful character, and, yes, hot.) I'd recommend it to y'all - I'd put it on a par with Angelic Layer. And it had a good ending!

We also watched The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising, which I enjoyed. Predictable, yes, but that never bothers me. The direction was a mixed bag - the director moved things along at a brisk pace, without ever losing me, which was good, but he loved weird camera angles and dreamlike sequences, which was bad. Still, I liked it better than I thought I would.


My boyfriend and I watched the entirety of Scrapped Princess one day and I LOVED it!

Heh. Just had to say that. I got all excited when I saw you mentioned it. :P
Yay!!!! I'm so glad I'm not alone!!!
Have you read The Dark Is Rising series? Very good books. The story really doesn't get started until the second book, though. I've heard that the movie is quite different from the book, which is not necessarily a bad thing, unless you love the books. :)
I haven't read them yet, although they're on my list. I've heard from several people that they're good.

Movies are always different from the books. I generally can accept that. Sorta.