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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

This sure has been an interesting couple of days....

Yesterday, as if in retribution for my making my roomie kill the snake, I hit a rabbit with my car. I couldn't help it - it dashed directly under the wheels, so close I didn't even get a chance to flinch, never mind avoid it. (I have hopes it was only stunned, since it was a glancing blow, not a squish, and we didn't see it on the road on our way back.)

Then today, I discover that my new tea carafe really keeps things very hot, for when I poured my second cup from it, I spilled it and got painfully burned.

And then, I got trapped in my room. Sort of. I closed my den door because I'm watching I, Claudius, which with all the screaming and everything was distracting to my roomie, who's trying to read in the next room. Two screws, one in the door and one in the jamb, locked on each other, and we could not get the door open! Taking the doorknob off didn't help, but a combination of judiciously applied screwdrivers and some brute strength finally got it free.

The old saying is that bad things come in threes. For me, it always seems to be fours and fives. *sigh*


I think it's time for you to receive some good karma, right? Hopefully good things will happen in fives, too!