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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

I don't usually inflict my dreams on the public, but this was such a silly one, I wanted to write it down.

In the dream, Randi and I were in a different house, and we had company. Our metal rack for firewood, partially loaded, was under our large long coffee table, which was against the wall in the dining room. (The rack and table, we have in real life. Dining room, no.) I noticed Pearl (the dachsund) staring fixedly at the rack, and when I peeked, I saw a big snake. Copperhead or water snake. I couldn't find our "grabber", so I had to use the pastry tongs from the kitchen to pick it up. That was a bit tricky, but I got it outside (whole different yard - in the dream, we were in Suburbia) and tossed it into the road.

I went back into the house and checked the rack again, and there were two more of the same kind. Used the tongs with more dexterity this time, and got them both out - it turned out to be one of each, and the copperhead had an abnormally large head. Came back in, and another was crawling across the floor between the living room and dining room. By this time, Randi had taken our company elsewhere, so it was just me and the snakes. I grabbed this one, and out he went. A woman and two kids were walking by, and damned if the kids didn't stop to look at the snake. Stupid kids. I warned the mother, then went back inside, and - yup, more snakes.

In the end, I took out a blackish snake, a pastel rainbow colored snake, a rattler, and a couple more unidentified kinds. All of these ranged between 2.5-4 ft, none really big. None of them attempted to bite me (although the big-headed copperhead feinted at me).

Then along comes this weird looking snake. It looked like a stuffed toy snake - big shiny scales, tapered rather than sinuous body, and a head with two big eyes on top and a whole set of triangular teeth, like the teeth cut from felt for some stuffed toys. This one came right at me! I tried to get him with the tongs, and he dodged. He and I did this for a while, until I finally got fed up, and instead of trying to grab him by his (very thick) neck like I had the others, I stuck the tongs in his mouth and gripped his upper jaw. Then out he went, too!


Good Grief Kat! Cottonmouths and copperheads and rattlers, and then you get done in by a toy snake! Just isn't fair, is it?

Kidding aside, dreams seem to go in frustration sequences -- get rid of one snake and another takes its place. I've had dreams where I kept trying to get to the bottom of a stack of something, and every time I lifted the last one off, some more appeared. I saw a newspaper article years ago where some dream researcher (like a serious, university psych dept. type researcher) said that this kind of thing is actually a fairly common theme in dreams. That made me feel better because I used to worry about what this kind of thing said about my mental state, actually.

My guess is probably snakes because you just had to kill the one in the barn and you now have that running around in your subconscious. It was traumatic and you are most likely still trying to process it at some level.
Holy ophiophobia, Batman!

A Jungian would have a field day with that one! Could those @#*$&@# snakes symbolize the work troubles (or people) who stress you in your mind even when you're home? Some more serious than others?

But only you can tell what a dream means by closing your eyes and making the associations.

Soooo...do tell us! What are the snakes?

Cool, if scary/frustrating, dream....
Oh, I'm sure the whole thing was my way of working out the stress. This is how my job has been since I took over the ordering in October. Every time I stamp out a fire and turn to my work, two more fires spring up. All. the. time. Then I get in trouble because I can't get my regular work done.

The snake images came, I'm sure, from the poor copperhead. But I wonder if "vicious toy snake" is Dede. *giggle*