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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Boy, did my day begin bad. Lets see, how to keep this short?

Dede's supervisor, Merrie, emailed her that I'd put through a travel request that hadn't been submitted the required 10 days in advance of the trip, and I'd put as a reason that the traveler hadn't known about that rule. Dede dragged me into her office and said that since the person had actually turned in the request before the trip, that I had lied about it on an official document. It wasn't a lie (which I pointed out once I'd gotten over my surprise at being attacked for it), since he'd turned it in within a day of the trip and he hadn't known. But the real delay had been caused by the faculty member, who, despite repeated requests, had never given me an account number to use for the expenses. (Later, when I refuted the "lie" part, I also added that I didn't feel it appropriate to criticize a faculty member on an official document.) Anyway, Dede implied that Merrie was so mad at me that the result might be a formal letter of counseling.

However, she made the mistake of forwarding Merrie's message to me, earlier, before she caught me to bite me on the ass. And Merrie said only that I needed to put a more detailed explanation, and that Dede needed to be sure her faculty and staff were better educated on the policies. So, in essence, Dede got nailed, and nailed me. Shit rolls downhill.

Needless to say, I'm back on the job hunt again. No more checking the board once a week - I'll check it every day. No more waiting for a post that looks good - if it doesn't suck, I'm on it.

Oddly, I'm not even angry. Or, as Randi says, I'm "cold" angry.

I'm also stupid. I should have gotten out of there long ago. I saw this happen with a coworker, a wonderful lady and a hard worker, but one that Dede couldn't get along with. She was humiliated, given poor ratings, and finally had her hours cut in half, until essentially she was driven out. Dede keeps saying how much she wants me to stay, but as I read it, it's because if I leave, a shitload of stuff will have to be done by her, which I'm now doing.


Seems like the appropriate userpic for the situation, huh?

Good Grief. What is with these people?

Seriously, I've had similar happen. Idiot supervisors that can't hold onto employees. I lost count how many quit before I did. God/ess knows why they decide to push you out, but they do. And there isn't much of anything you can do about it, except look for something better, and get on with your life.

Heck of it is, sometimes you really like the job -- I did my last one -- it's just that you can't deal with the administration. You know it's time to go if other people are noticing that they want you gone. People were, with my last. In retrospect, I think some of it was professional jealousy, of all things. But who knows....

Keeping my fingers crossed for you -- may you find your dream job! Can you pull off a transfer on campus, or will you have to look elsewhere?
Thank you!!!

I'm hoping to find another job on campus, because in less than 5 years, I can retire with full benefits.

Lets hope your good wishes give me good luck!
Oh, sheesh, yeah, you can't throw that away, can you? I was in the position of being able to quit, but I knew we had a couple of people just waiting it out till they could retire, too, because they had too many years in to just throw it all over.

My hell job was on a college campus, too. What is it with colleges and these asine supervisors?

Gave you another attitude picture to go with the general mood....
You're certainly not stupid, dear. Sometimes you just need a big shock / wake up call to realise that you're stuck in a crappy situation and need to get out of it. You deserve an employer who will treat you with warmth and respect, as well as appreciating your hard work. I can't wait to see how Dede will cope when you find a job elsewhere...
hee! That's one of my chief solaces, what will happen to her when I leave. *evil cackle*
Oooooh, she makes me SO angry! Good luck with your job search. As you once said to me, "It's time to leave that job, and kick the litter over it before you go."