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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

OK, as I said in my last entry, my supervisor wanted to crucify me yesterday because I got her into trouble - or rather, I was the inadvertant cause of her lousy (aka no) training being brought to the attention of her supervisor.

Then today, at an impromptu admin meeting organized just yesterday, she announces that she wants to go out (i.e., retire) on a blaze of glory.

Of course, she didn't put it that way. In either case. In today's meeting, she announced we're getting two new administrators (she's been saying that for ages now, but this time she has actual names, so it might be true), and that she's hiring another supervisor. This new supervisor and our current accountant together will supervise all us grunts, and then answer directly to Dede. Dede states that she'll support those two over us, if we have any complaints. And that the most likely candidate for the open position "doesn't suffer fools". Lovely. Then she goes on about this dream she has of making our administrative "team" so wonderful that all the other departments on campus will point to us as a shining example to their own administrators.


I asked about training and got the runaround.

So, strip away the fine rhetoric and what's said? "You guys are getting two new bosses who are going to crack the whip over your lazy goof-off asses, and you're going to work harder than ever without any training and NEVER make a mistake, just so I look good when I retire."



Call a meeting with you in order to announce "I'm not going to back you up with the new supervisors..." -- gee, this woman really knows how to build morale, doesn't she?

They say never be irreplaceable because you'll never get promoted... sounds like your boss is going to find out just how irreplaceable you really are. Hope she crashes and burns -- bwah-hah-hah-hah!!!!

(You're giving me an excuse to use all my attitude userpics here, you know....)
I *love* your attitude userpics!!!
So here's another!

I actually haven't been having anything to have attitude over lately, so I haven't had any excuse to use them.

I really like the two Dean McCoppin ones I have...
Yeah, sounds like one of those weeks where you wonder why you haven't already retired.

Oh, yeah. Because we haven't won the lottery yet.