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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

For any of my friends who have been worried about me (HUGS to you all, you sweet people), I put in an application for another job on Tuesday. I had to take a skills test today (if you're applying, you need to do this every 12 months). Not too shabby - 98% spelling (I missed TWO??), 65 wpm typing with no errors, 91% on Word, 89% on Excel. That's enough to make people take a good look.

Also, Dede has been out of the office all week. (Sorta - she came in two days, but only briefly, and not at all today.) So today I'm feeling much more "up" and MUCH less stressed. Dede is letting my temp, Flora, go on Monday with no one to take up the slack yet, since the new people coming on Tuesday won't be up to speed for months, so I'm anticipating bad times, but who the hell cares? It's Friday, and I feel good and relaxed and I-don't-give-a-shit-lets-party. We took Flora to lunch today, so I got a free meal and an hour and a half talking to coworkers in a free, fun way. We had a ball, pigging out on decent food and Dede-bashing. Hee!!

While waiting for the test doors to open, I read my local Quick, which is like Dallas Morning News lite. They were touting the Sex and the City movie, and it included a quiz for which of the four main characters you're most like. Since I'm not all that familiar with the series (I've only seen a few disks), I figured that, even as obvious as the test was, I could take it and see what I got. And I got Miranda, the one I've always identified with the most. That was a bit of fun.


Here's sending you lots of good job-finding vibes!

Yay for stress-free Fridays!

*huggles you mightily and posts sexy Kyouya icon for you to oogle*

I've edited this three times now. Evidently, I can no longer spell or use proper grammar at all. >_

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