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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Weird day today.

The wind was strong this morning. Gusts up to 50 mph. When I got out of my car, a little grasshopper was sitting on the roof of the car, and jumped straight at my face. However, the wind was so strong that the poor little guy got about four inches off the roof and then got blown away so fast, it was out of my sight in literally a second.

Then I realized I had locked the car and forgotten to put up my handicapped hang tag. So, hampered by my messenger bag and cane, I opened the door and grabbed the thing, and tried to hang it. But I missed the mirror, and it fell. Onto the seat? Noooooo. The wind snatched it and blew it right out of the car, onto the asphalt. I can't move very fast or bend hardly at all, so by the time I reached for it, the wind slid it right out from under my fingers. I stabbed at it with the cane, which has a rubber tip, but the wind blew it under the car. I caught it under the car with the cane, but as I was sliding it out, I lost a little pressure, and the wind shoved it so far under the car that I couldn't see it. I ran around the other side (which is a funny sight in itself), but didn't see it there, either. So I got in the car, started it, and backed out a bit. Got out, looked. Didn't see it. Walked a little ways to see if it had blown further away. Nope. Got back in the car, backed out a little further. Looked. Finally saw it right at the front of the car. Stabbed it hard with the cane, got it. Hung it. Re-parked the car. Went to catch my bus, having lost about 20 places in line.

It was like an episode of I Love Lucy.

Then, at work, I found a tick in my hair. EWWWWWW.

The final touch, though, was when I hit a motorcyclist on my way to pick up my roomie. It was in the Wal Mart parking lot, in one of the lanes where the traffic goes both ways. I was slowing, almost to a stop, at the intersection of the lane that runs in front of the store, and about to make a right turn. This guy and his buddy come roaring around the corner, making such a sharp left turn that he was in my lane and ran right into the front of my car. He saw me soon enough to avoid a direct head-on, but he still hit the car hard, just over the front passenger-side wheel well. (The dent there is as long as my forearm and wider than my spread hand.) He flipped onto the hood.

Needless to say, I was a bit freaked out. But he got up, checked his bike, and righted it. By then I'd found my wits, rolled down the window, and asked if he was OK. He said he was, and got on his bike and drove off. Just as fast and recklessly. Of course, at that time I hadn't seen the dent, so I didn't realize he probably had a good reason for getting out of there fast.

I hope I don't get any more weirdnesses tonight. Sheesh.


I'm not inclined to call the cops. It's too much hassle for such a little thing, although it was, technically, a hit and run. However, you're quite right about the cameras! Randi had a security guard review it, and he says it's crystal clear that I wasn't at fault.
"crotch rockets"??

One of those days, eh? ;)

I cannot believe that guy had the audacity to just drive off, though. What a jerk! I hope he bruised his stupid ass.
ROFL!!! I hope so, too!!
Oh no! Not the new car, I hope?
No! I don't have that yet. WHEW!
Thank goodness!
Goddamn, what a little asshole. This may be the first time I've heard of the person who was HIT being the one running off and leaving the scene. Little bastard KNEW he was at fault.

At least you'll be getting a new car soon and won't have to look at the dent for long time.

It sounds like he hit *you*, not the other way around! Jeez!

I'm just glad YOU didn't get hurt. And yeah. That guy's going to get himself smeared onto someone's grille one of these days. (Two words... starting with "N" and "S"...)
Somehow I missed this. What a day! I'm glad you weren't hurt, and I'm also glad that you weren't driving your new car! What a jerk.