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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

The bitch nailed me, dammit. I had my review today, and Dede produced the threatened letter of warning. The worst of it is that, with that in my file, I can't look for another job on campus for six months. So I'm stuck there. *snarl*

I'm not upset about it - mad, yes, but it didn't hit me where it hurts, since I know it's undeserved. And life in the workplace is usually not fair. Ain't that right, zora113?

The weird thing is that she gave me a very high review. Go figure.

I had to have an Al Swearingen icon for this day. I really did. This one isn't entirely apropos, but it's the only one that doesn't have bad language. LOL!



(One way to make sure you don't leave her high and dry, huh? Do you suppose that's why she did it?)
Bah, story of everyone's life these days - fat, ugly bitch who is always, ALWAYS in charge goes above and beyond in exactly one thing - torturing her employees via reviews and micro-managing. I don't understand how these are the people who are in charge of everything. Was there not a single competent person in the path of their rise to put a stop to their bullshit? Apparently not. HATE.

I'm sorry you have one too. :-( Although, I don't quite understand how you can have a bad letter and a good review. You don't deserve EITHER of course. >:P
Well, consider the source and then give a smug smirk.

What's the worst that can happen? That really sucks about not being able to look for another campus job, though. Is that just because of the stupid letter?! Seems as if you ought to be able to sue.

I could take it to grievance. That's my only option. But grievances are one of the many things that sound good in theory but don't work in practice. If I do that, I'll be branded a troublemaker. Win or lose, I'm screwed. So I'm keeping my head down until I can get free of them.

You know, I'm a person who likes a good fight. But endurance is all I can do in this situation. I'm no David - they've got all the power.