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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

I don't think I mentioned this before, but Dede plans to retire in January, and she's brought in a woman named Kelly to replace her, and is training Kelly now. The past two days - while Dede has been on vacation - Kelly has been meeting with all of us one-on-one, to get acquainted and get a picture of our wants, needs, and skills. Today was my day. We all like her, and I have hopes that things will improve once she takes up the reins. She's got an HR background, she has a positive attitude, she's sharp, she's strong, and she listens. So we'll see.

On an even more positive front, Disney finally put one of my very favorite live-action movies out on DVD. The Fighting Prince of Donegal was my primary source of hormonal stimulation when I was around 15 years old. At the time, and for many years after, I thought Peter McEnery was the standard for a beautiful man. I'm looking forward to watching it again! But I'm almost afraid I'll be disappointed, because I loved it so much. (It came to our theater on post when I was living in Germany, and I'm not sure how often I watched it - twice a day for its entire run, pretty much.) It's being released as a "Wonderful World of Disney" show, so I have hopes that they will eventually release my other favorite, The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh.

Got this from starwefter ~

What Planet Are You From?

this quiz was made by The Autist Formerly Known As Tim


I did not know that Dede was retiring! It seems like she's trying to get in all her final shots before she goes, huh? *note icon* I'm glad. I hope things will improve for you once she's gone.

I don't think I've ever seen The Fighting Prince of Donegal, but I loved, loved, loved The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh. In fact, when we were in England the first time (in 1982), we went by Romney Marsh, and that's the first thing I thought of! You see, I've always been a geek. ;)

I, too, thought that Peter McEnery was hot when I was but a young lass. ;) I watched The Moon-Spinners every chance I got, because I really liked Hayley Mills as well; but mostly for him and the scenery! Yes, geek.

Edited at 2008-07-12 03:09 pm (UTC)
LOVE the icon. Love love love. And yeah, I think she's trying to get her shots in. In fact, two people, independently, have remarked that she did the letter just to keep me there until she leaves, so she doesn't have to deal with hiring someone to replace me. I think it's that plus a bit of nasty meanness, because I got her in trouble with my goof, bringing to the attention of her superiors that I was not properly trained.

Ahhh, Peter McEnery. He was pretty in The Moonspinners, but better in The Fighting Prince. I don't own the former - I need to add it to my list. I never liked Hayley Mills, though.

When I was in England, I made a point of passing Romney Marsh, too. LOL! I think that was actually a better movie than The Fighting Prince, in a way, although the latter holds a special place in my hormonal, eternally teenaged heart.

Edited at 2008-07-12 09:11 pm (UTC)