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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Ouch. It sure does cost a lot to keep a car.

Two of the tires had split on my new car. $172. (I'm just glad I felt the vibration before I broke down by the side of the road or something!)

Gasoline bill this month - over $400.


Car maintenance is a bitch, that's for sure. However, you still have a nice car, and that's a plus!
Yuck. How much is gas running in Texas? It actually dropped to $3.39 here in Jersey and that's cheaper than it was when I made the trip out here!
Shit! We're just dropped to more or less $3.70 from a high of over $4. about three or four weeks ago, in late July in Rapid City, South Dakota. I think our high hit about $4.15 for the better part of a week for the cheap stuff, and maybe $4.35 or so for the premium. We tend to be the expensive end of the state, but not the worst of the neighboring towns -- it'll be 2 or 3 cents higher in the smaller towns here and in eastern Wyoming.

Tires are not cheap! OUCH!

I paid $3.32 just a few days ago. How perverted is it that I thought that was pretty good? Me, who can remember being furious when gas went over $1.00?
What I can't get over is how fast it spiraled up, both this year and last. Absolutely ridiculous!

But then milk went up $1.00/gal. practically overnight a year and a half ago or so. One week it was selling at around $2 a gallon, the next at around $3 -- I know inflation happens, but you can't tell me it happens all at once like that...
Ouch and Boo urns!