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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

I've lost a bird, and gained a bird.

Tuesday night I saw that my parakeet, Chipster, hadn't eaten. This is never a good sign, but sometimes it happens, so I decided to just keep an eye on her. Wednesday she was fluffed on her perch, so I knew she was sick. We started medicating her, hoping it was something simple like a respiratory ailment. However, I suspected she might be egg-bound, so I decided that if the medicine hadn't worked by Friday, I'd take her to the vet on Saturday. This morning, however, she was already gone.

I was upset, naturally. I cried a lot. But Pete, my parrot, was just as upset. Chipster's cage has been next to his since we got her, and she was his buddy. He kept looking at the empty space where the cage was, and chirping forlornly.

My roomie, seeing all this, said she knew someone who had offered her a Quaker parrot for free. Just out of the blue, knowing she's an animal lover. The parrot had flown right to their house, and they've been taking care of it for about 4 years, but with all the dogs and cats in the house, the bird was being neglected and needed a good home. Randi contacted them, and they still had the bird.

So, Cracker has come home with me. He's a pretty green and grey parrot, small (about half the size of Pete). He's already let me pet him, and he's got plenty of energy and bright interest in what's going on around him. Pete is already trying to make friends. So I think this might work out. I miss my Chipster, but a big hole has been filled with this new baby.


I'm so sorry about your little girl. I've lost a female budgie by her being egg-bound as well, only back then, I didn't know anything about little hens getting egg-bound. I may or may not have been able to help her if I had known. She was sitting on ten eggs at the time!

I'm glad to hear about your new baby, though. :) It seems there's no shortage of little animals in this world who need our love.
There's probably nothing you could have done for your baby. We lost a cockatiel to being egg bound, and we took her to the vet three times for it before we lost her. So I know from experience that if you don't get right on it, there's no saving them. And usually, as with me, you don't realize what the problem is until it's too late. If she were sitting on eggs, too, how in the heck would you suspect it? But I know it hurts and you feel guilty. I sure do.

You're right, there's no shortage of animals that need us. I wish there were. But I'm glad Cracker found his way to us.
Quakers are a lot of fun. We had two of them once and they were pretty talkative. I'm sorry to hear about Chipster, but at least Pete has a new friend to talk to :)

Sorry about Chipster, but I don't know anything about birds past the basics so I'm kinda dense when you say, "Egg bound".

Either way, Cracker sounds like a lot of fun.
Well, I'm glad Cracker has a great new home now, and that Pete has a friend again, and you've got a new someone to fill at least a bit of that space. But I am sorry for your loss too. :( *Hugs!!*
Oh, poor Chipster... :(

I do hope that Pete seems happier now that he's found a new companion in Cracker.
I'm glad that you have gained a new bird, I'm only sorry you had to lose one in the process....
So sorry that Chipster has left you. It's always hard to lose a friend. *huggles*

Cracker will not take her place, of course, but he'll be a nice addition to your family.