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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

This is sure not my week.

Over the weekend, I got a loose tooth, my parakeet died, and I put my back out.

Today, I found out that I'll get a raise, but the amount is so small as to almost be an insult. I also found out that the person replacing Dede, for whom I had some hopes, is just as bad. She got mad at me today and there was no talk, just bad temper, a slam, and an "I don't want to hear it" attitude.


I just hope to hell I can find another job!!!

Ah well. I have a new bird, my back is better, and I have my friends.


Hey, you're slowly making it through your six month limbo -- the end is in sight, even if it isn't close enough.

And you do have friends -- we worry about you and your job from hell, you know. Having had some real winners of bosses myself over the years, I think about you at odd random moments and hope that you are hanging in there okay.
You're completely wasted and unappreciated in your current job.
I do hope that you'll find employment elsewhere, sweetheart.

I truly and sincerely hope that karma will grant you some good luck for next week. You certainly deserve it!
*sigh* I'm sorry for all of your recent troubles, but you know that. You need to get out of that job. They're idiots who not only don't appreciate you, but who abuse you as well. We should form the "Let's Find a New Job and Get Away from Abusive Supervisors Club"! I bet we'd get lots of members!