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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Maybe I don't know the whole story... and don't think this means that I'm cold toward the victims of Ike! But I find it a bit weird that some of the people who stayed behind on Galveston after the evacuation are whining because their vehicles got flooded and ruined, or because they called and couldn't get any emergencies services to come help them. I mean, they were told that they were going to DIE, and they still stayed there. Makes no sense to me, nope.


No that's pretty much it as far as I know. They just simply refused for whatever screwed up reason.
I have no sympathy when it comes to idiots who decide not to leave against all better judgment. Why should we help those who frankly don't even want to help themselves? Seriously, this kind of thing just makes me pissed off, I think they deserve whatever consequences they get. They chose to stay in a place where they could die, then fine. Bah.
I had pretty much that exact same thought.
Well, really, what did they expect? They made their choice and now they must live with the repercussions.
You aren't the only one. I find it weird too. I heard about this reporter who had interview this family on a boat and asked them why they weren't moving. Guess why.. it was because their children wanted to stay. It was for one of the earlier hurricanes. I'm with Cwriter83 on this one. I have very little sympathy for them.