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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

This morning was a real trip. *sigh* It was just one thing after another. So many, I'm going to list them - and all before noon!

1) For the past two weeks, we've been nursing Divette, a feral cat who's been hanging around our place for years. She had an abscess under her ear that she clawed open. It wasn't quite healed up, but she seemed depressed, so we let her outside yesterday in the hopes that the healing would continue. This morning, we found her listless and feverish, with her coat staring and the wound even nastier, so we had to bring her back in. I hope she doesn't get depressed again...

2) When I went to let the horses out of the barn, I wanted to put two of them in the "ring", a smallish paddock next to the house, where there is grass. However, I found out that my neighbor's friends had chopped up and were clearing a tree that had fallen, which - until they finish the job - leaves the fence so low that our horses could just step over it and go right out to the street. The tree itself blocked them. Until now.

3) We sprung a leak under the house and had to call the plumber out.

4) I've had a loose tooth for a few weeks (haven't gotten around to finding a dentist), and it fell out this morning. It's a tooth in an area that's overcrowded, so I hope that losing it would make room for the other teeth there, except no, the root didn't come out. *sigh*

5) Randi took the truck to go grain shopping, and it wouldn't start and will have to be towed to the shop.

I think that's enough bad luck for any one day.

On the up side, I'm sure this day will be good for a laugh in a decade or two. And in retaliation, I played my video game all day and had fun with it.


Good Grief, Kat! Some days you really have to wonder who you pissed off up there in the sky, don't you? Someone famous, but not obviously famous enough for me to name, said "It's not that if it isn't one thing, it's another. It's that it's one damn thing after another..."

May your tomorrow be much improved! *hugs*