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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

And the fun just keeps on coming...

On top of everything else today, my roomie broke her computer. She downloaded Windows Service Pack 3, and now every time Windows attempts to load, it reboots. *sigh*

But lets try to take a look at the bright side of the day today....

OK, there is no bright side that I can see for the computer.

For the cat, either.

For the fence, however, I was lucky enough to see my neighbor, which doesn't often happen, and got warned before we had real trouble. The water leak? We were lucky the plumber works on Saturday. The tooth? I still need a dentist, but at least I can eat without having to nibble from one side of my face. The truck? That was a real stroke of luck - it could have happened when Randi needed it to go to work (and I was already at work, leaving her stuck).

To add a minor disaster, just for a laugh - in my video game, I was fighting three flying creatures at one time when a fly decided to kamikaze around my head. While I tried to shoo away the fly, all three characters in my party got KO'd. ARGH.

This day is going into the record books.


Hee, you did a better job of looking on the Bright Side than I ever do. Long before I get to the point that you're at, I've grabbed the Riesling and passed out on a couch somewhere. ;-)

*HUGS* anyway! I'm sorry everything had to go and suck all at once. I hope they get better! You don't deserve bad luck.
Riesling... oh, I should have thought of that.
Sorry you had such a sucky day. I hope things get better soon. You do need to see a dentist - you don't want to develop an abcess.

I started to download Windows Service Pack 3, and there was something in the warning that made me cancel it. I can't remember what it was, but I'm glad that I listened to my intuition on this one!

Karma owes you – big time!

Seriously, after the number of unfortunate incidents you've suffered over the past two days, you deserve to have good luck for the rest of the year!
On days like this the only proper response is to scream at the sky (or fates) "Why me!?" then go get that wine and a good friend to drink it with so you can have some sympathy to go with it.