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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Before I jump back into Nano, I'm procrastinating by visiting my regular LJ and catching people up on a few interesting, or at least different, things that have been happening to me since my last post:

My best friend from back in 10th grade (we're talking 40 years ago, folks) found me somehow through my books. I haven't seen her since the mid-70s, when I visited her once in New Jersey. She now lives in Kansas City and has 15 grandchildren. When I heard that... it took me two days just to get over the shock. Despite all evidence to the contrary, I still feel as if I'm in my 20s - late 20s, but 20s. Now my friend is a 15-time grandmother. Still, it was sure fun to hear from her!! And great to know she's still with her husband and that the baby I saw in New Jersey was followed by 3 more girls.

My latest TV watching? Until I get Ouran High School Host Club, I'm watching CHiPs. I used to love that show, and seeing it again, I can understand why. Hot men with tight uniforms, crotch-rockets between their thighs, and scripts with a sense of fun. I wasn't a Ponch fan, even back then - I liked Jon and Getraer. That hasn't changed.

One morning, while dressing for work, I put on a shirt that had a wasp in it. The stings (two, at least) REALLY HURT. At the time, I was guessing wasp, because of the intense pain and what I felt crawling up my back, but later I found it in my dog's water bowl, dying. Despite being a softie, I killed the bastard. I tell you what, though, that's the fastest I ever got a shirt and jacket off!

One of my coworkers, Tici, bullied talked me into going to get my eyebrows threaded. (For those of you who are now saying "Huh?", as I did originally, see the Wiki article here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eyebrow_threading) This is only interesting because, in almost 56 years of life, I have never even plucked my eyebrows. Not a single hair. They weren't that thick. However, now, instead of fuzzy bars over my eyes, I have these pretty little angel-wing shapes. What's next? I might even start wearing make-up again. Maybe.

I accidentally let Cracker, my new parrot, out of his cage the other day. Cracker has been a difficult case for me - he bites. HARD, as in, draws blood if he can. I've been trying to get him to let me touch him, and making some progress, but he seems better when my hand is inside the cage rather than my fingers reaching through the bars. This time, when I put my hand in, he let me get much closer before lunging at me, and naturally I jumped, and he was out like a shot! I was worried about how I was going to catch him, but after flying around the rooms enough to give me a few heart attacks, he settled in a pile of Randi's clothes, and he just sat there and let me put my hand around his wings and pick him up. I put my finger under him, and he gripped it with his little feet. I carried him to Randi, and he let her stroke his head. Then I put him in his cage, and he went nicely. I wish I could say he's tame now, but no, he still bites. However, he is a lot more responsive to me now, running to the front of his cage to greet me when he sees or hears me, so I have hopes.

Speaking of bites, the great white shark has a bite pressure of up to 2,000 lbs, the strongest on earth. I am never going in the water again.

One interesting thing on the Nano venue - the most successful demographic group is the 50+ writers. Go, grey-heads!!

Oh yeah. I'm a redhead again. Oops.

And what else....? I seem to recall there was an election of some kind...


Reconnecting with old friends like that can be pretty amazing!! Thats an awesome encounter, there! :D

I had to look up pictures of this threading of eyebrows. I couldn't imagine, from the description on Wiki... looks like they can come out pretty nice! Congrats on your new look! :)

Eeeep about the wasp in your clothes!!!! O_O

I hope the new birdy will come around to you soon. You've got some pretty awesome skills with animals, so I know you'll win him over, in time. Keep at it!! If I got an aggressive bulldog at work to become putty in my hands for want of a back-scratch... ;) hehehe!

Wheee! Red hair and eyebrows!
I imagine it's daunting to look around one day and realize that one of your highschool friends is a grandmother of 15! Egadz... even as someone I don't know, that's a LOT of grandchildren!!! I'm nearly 27 now, and many of my old school friends have children of their own. I still feel like such a baby myself that I can't comprehend already having a six-year-old kid!

I don't care what anyone says. Redheads have much more fun than blondes! XD

Thanks for posting a lengthy entry of random thoughts. Those are my favorite sort of entries to read AND post! :)