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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

A happy (late) birthday to tianning! I hope my wonderful Hareball had a great day yesterday.

I wish I could report on some interesting things I've been doing, but the truth is, although I've been busy, nothing interesting has transpired. Mostly I've been playing video games and doing screencaps. I've replayed FFXII and done all the screencaps I'm going to do from that one, and now I'm doing Kingdom Hearts (and will be doing caps from that, too). I am considering replaying FFX, because my new(er) DVD recorder gets better images. On the other hand, that would be a lot of time and work... heh. We'll see. I've also done screen caps from several animated films, especially Kung Fu Panda (made lots of character pages for AL) and its sequel. I also made a page for my beloved Reepicheep. Remind me never to bitch too loudly about CG animation again.

I have also been watching movies. This weekend it was The Dark Knight, which I enjoyed just as much as the first time. That says something about the film, because the first time I saw it in the theater, so this time the "Ooh wow" factor was gone, and so were the surprises. But the movie has so much "meat" to it that it was amazingly good the second time, and, I suspect, will continue to be on more viewings. That movie satisfies on so many levels, and that, not the SFX, is what makes it good.

Which reminds me, the LA Critics named Wall-E the best movie of the year. WTF?? I mean, I liked Wall-E. It was cute, charming, and fun. But come on. It had all the emotional depth of any Disney movie, which is to say, it was pretty shallow. For animated films, I much preferred Kung Fu Panda, but to pick Wall-E as better than The Dark Knight...??? That makes me wonder if Pixar has a budget line item for bribes.

I have been under a lot of pressure at work, again, so for two weeks I haven't written a thing. Must fix that, or I'll end up like last year, not writing anything until November. Maybe what I need is a deadline. Anyone out there willing to nag me to death if I don't produce a chapter of Prelude by this time next week? (Yes, I'm serious.)



WALL-E had all the emotional depth of any *Pixar* movie. And that's quite a lot! If you've been taking no notice of Pixar's maturity and depth in their films, I suggest you start. I'm not sure what is not "deep" about WALL-E? Was it the indictment of consumerism? The timeless love story? The art history references in the credits that no child, anywhere, ever, is going to pick up on? Perhaps it was the beautiful music, composed by one of the best alive today, which has so many layers and depth that no one will pick up on all of them through one listen. Or, just maybe, all of these things really did have depth and you just happened to miss it? Better than The Dark Knight? Yes. Did you just accuse WALL-E of lacking depth then claim TDK was better? There is little to no depth in that film. Some little bits about chaos and human nature, but nothing much past the makeup and the maniacal villain. Batman himself was perhaps the most bare bones completely unimaginative he's ever been. And Kung Fu Panda? It was good, cute, even funny, and had some touching moments, but depth? Nope, not really. Some minor eastern philosophies on top of a very over-the-top cartoony film. WALL-E was named the Best Film because it was, simple as that.
Um... hm. I wish you had identified yourself, if you're going to blast me on my own LJ. But I stand by my guns. Wall E was a timeless love story because it was cliched. The indictment of consumerism was imaginatively done with the whole "baby" thing, but that's about it. The robots were anthropomorphic, which I find cute but not any more deep than the vehicles in Cars.

I didn't say I didn't like Wall E. I did, very much. And I didn't say Kung Fu Panda was any more deep (it's not), only that I liked it better. (I would have been just as shocked to see the LA Critics pick KFP.)

Neither film had the depth of TDK, which was a compelling study of the dark side in all of us, and of the attractions and danger of chaos/anarchy. It questioned responsibility, morals and ethics. The human relationships were complex, and the acting and direction superb. Heath Ledger gave the Joker a goal - not a plan, but a goal, and one which a philosopher could find interesting.

Sorry, but as much as I liked Wall E, I don't think it - or any Pixar or Disney movie - should rank as best film this year. In fact, I can't think of single year in which one should have. But I take many things into consideration before I call a movie "good" as opposed to "I liked it" or "It was entertaining/fun". Disney/Pixar lacks some of those things. In particular, their "social messages" are carried in a simple, black-and-white way, which I happen to like very much, but I don't consider being high quality.

Wall E was not the best film made this year. Possibly neither was The Dark Knight. But TDK was better.

Maybe you're young? I'm old, and all through Wall E, I was doing the "been there, done that" thing. They tread no new ground, nor did they view the old ground in a new way. It was a darling movie with lovable characters, but it does not deserve to be on anyone's "best films" list.
WALL-E definitely had *some* depth, but I really disagree with the anonymous person who posted up there. I mean, it was more of a "call to arms"-type thing. A sort of, "Don't screw up Mother Earth or this will happen to you!" or "Consumerism is BAD!" And they're both good messages, but at same time, I did not think of anything differently or feel any emotional change while watching that movie. This was my reaction throughout the whole movie: "Yeah! Damn straight! Save the Earth. ... AWW! CUTE ROBOTS!"

So, yeah. Cute (sometimes almost saccharine) movie with a good message (definitely a message that kids should be aware of) but not superbly deep. And I'm one of those nerdy-ass kids who goes to see art house films that are only in town for one weekend. I know deep. :P

And I totally agree on both The Dark Knight and Kung Fu Panda. TDK was phenomenal. In my opinion, the best movie of the year. It just screwed with your mind in so many ways possible; Christopher Nolan has taken the "superhero movie" to a whole other level with those films. And the Joker on his own was deeper than Hell. And maybe I'm just head-over-heels in love with Jack Black (and I am) but I found Kung Fu Panda way more enjoyable than WALL-E. And yeah, depth =/= the be-all, end-all.

This was a long response. A-ha! I just saw there was a movie debate going on and had to jump in. Cuz I'm a dork like that. :P
(Eek! I wrote you a novella! I'm so sorry!) O_O

I must say that I do disagree with you about 'Wall-E', though I'm not gonna go on a silly, emotional rampage like the anonymous person up there. XD

This just goes to prove that unbiased "best" lists really are meaningless. Everyone will be affected by a movie differently; only sometimes, the majority might be affected a certain way by a film, and it is deemed "good". It is personal taste, and little else, that dictates whether a person will be able to deeply identify with a film, or any story really.

This is how it affected me. In my oh-so-humble opinion, I thought 'Wall-E' had amazing depth, both emotional and intellectual. In such a simple story with so little dialogue, it is perfectly possible to layor the story with many meanings, and I caught so many. The concepts of the necessity of going against one's inherent programming and discovering "more" in life; that love is an incredible catalyst that can leave wonderful thing after wonderful thing in its wake; the very real dangers of human physical and intellectual laziness; and some hilarious satirical humor on conglomerate corporations. The BnL stuff just cracked me up and made me shudder all at once. XD I read all these and more in 'Wall-E'. Andrew Stanton has said that the setting had no intended environmental message, at least consciously. Everthing in the story was intended to set up or result from Wall-E and Eve's romance

To me, Wall-E was more than just an adorable little robot. After all, ANY anthropomorphic creature in a film; car, robot, or animal, is going to reflect the psychology of the human race. The literal aspects of the story alone would not have done much for me, but the robots as well as the roly-poly humans were both reflections of the wide spectrum of humanity. Again, lots of people can't look past the fact that the protagonists aren't human. These two teenaged girls I was helping at Wal-Mart were gabbing disdainfully about 'Wall-E' and how it was so stupid because it had no talking and was nothing but robots. Just their limited ability to enjoy fiction, I guess.

In a deleted scene of the movie 'Donnie Darko', the protagonist goes on a tear about having to read 'Watership Down', wondering aloud to his teacher, "Why should I even care about them? They're just rabbits!" And when I told a friend of mine how emotionally impacted I was by the anime series, 'Wolf's Rain', he shrugged at me and said, "Well, they're just wolves." AGH!!! People!!!! I certainly wouldn't lump you into this catagory, Kat. You love FAR to many films with anthropomorphisized creatures in them. :) I was only meaning to elaborate on why a film like 'Wall-E' would instantly be off limits to a pretty good chunk of the population.

I think I've rambled on long enough. I'm sorry about this!! I guess I had a lot to say! Both your and my opinion is completely valid. Movies are whatever we get from them, after all, and nothing more.

My point was I got an awful lot from 'Wall-E', and I kid you not; my eyes were leaking almost the entire length of the movie the first time I watched it. I could not stop crying, it was affecting me so much! *laugh*

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