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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Very cold here right now. Low tonight of 18! We blanketed the horses, and we'll leave the blankets on all day tomorrow. I don't like doing that, because there's a chance they'll get a leg caught in a surcingle if they roll in the blankets, but it's not very likely, especially with blanket-wise horses like ours. Better to take that chance than leave them cold all day. They'll have fresh hay, too, and we gave them extra tonight, so they should be OK.

Still depressed, of course. I'm doing the whole "torture yourself" routine now. You know - "Here's where I sat with her", "There's where we walked for two hours", "That's the last bale of hay she ever ate from", etc. And we used her blanket on Magic. Still, I'm teary but not weepy, so that's progress.


18? That's cold for that far south! Brrrr!
I wish that there was something I could do to make you feel a little better... :(
It's colder there than here! We have a windchill of 29 degrees over here in East Tennessee, but it's actually 37. I hope those horses stay cozy!

I know what you mean. I've done that with every animal I've lost, and still do to this day on occasion with a few of them. *HUG* I hope the pain becomes less and less each day.
Actually, Magic's OK. It was Kee.
No, you don't sound that way! I have so many critters, I don't expect everyone to remember all the names. It's the thought that counts, and you sent me sympathy. That's what counts.