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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Christmas day was lovely. A lazy, easy day, with lots of good presents.

However, after that, things got a bit bad. First, I woke up Friday morning as sick as a dog. What my doctor calls "the crud" - stuffy head, runny nose, coughing, fever, and generally feeling icky. It's going around, so I guess it's my turn. So I was sick all weekend, and I'm still sick, and I can look forward to about two more weeks of it.

Then I took the car in to get two things checked - the brakes, and a funny whirring sound. The brakes needed to have the drums and rotors replaced, and the whirring was a burned out bearing. So, $371. ouch. And as if that wasn't enough, a few miles from home on Monday morning, a tensor on the belt broke off, leaving me with no power steering, dimming lights, and the engine getting way too hot.

Now for the bright side... our garage - these are the same folks who buried my Kee - came and got the car, and called me (long distance!) with the estimate. $155. We didn't have it, so I asked them to just take it back home, and we'd bring it back in about a month, when we could afford it. So what did Larry do? "Tell her we'll fix it, and she can just pay us when she can."

Really. People like that actually exist, still.


I'm glad to hear that you had an enjoyable Christmas, Kat! I do hope that you feel better soon, though. I've only just recovered from a bad bout of 'The Crud' and I know how awful you must be feeling.

"Tell her we'll fix it, and she can just pay us when she can."

It's nice to know that there is still some kindness left in the world.
That was how I felt. Larry has given me more Christmas cheer this year than anyone has in years, I think, just from his kindness.
I'm sorry that you have "the crud". I have heard from several sources that Zicam is very effective to shorten the length of a cold, if you want to check it out. At any rate, I hope you don't have to suffer with this for too long.

Your mechanic is truly amazing. I'm sorry that you're having car trouble once again, but grateful that you know such nice people.

*hugs you*

Zicam is good stuff - I use it often - but you need to use it when the cold is still new. Since I was broke, I couldn't buy anything until today, and by now, the darn thing is totally settled. But yeah, I'm another source - Zicam is great. But only the swabs. They have a whole line of cold products, but as far as I've seen, except for the swabs, they're only what everyone else has, for much cheaper.
The crud is going around - my husband has it, too.

Thank God/ess for understanding mechanics! There's hope for the world after all...
See? You got Christmas cheer from Larry, too. *g*
*hug* I hope you feel better, soon. The crud is no fun. :(

Yeah, that's wonderful about the mechanic. :) Everyone needs to have a mechanic and a hair stylist they trust and they're all set!

I'm glad you had a happy Christmas and I hope you have a happy New Year as well.
LOL! I have a good hair stylist, too - and her shop is right next to the garage! Small towns. I love 'em.