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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Recently, after about two years of yearning, I broke down and bought an ereader - Sony's, to be exact, not Amazon's Kindle. Sony's came with 100 free classics, and I finally finished choosing and downloading them tonight. So now I have about 80 books that I should have read in high school but didn't. A lot of them, I know the plots, but have never read - like Around the World in 80 Days, which is what I'm in the middle of right now.

One thing I accidentally discovered while downloading stuff - there seems to be an amazing number of fanfic-type sequels to Pride and Prejudice. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Even though the ones I found are in legitimate places (Sony's ebook store, Amazon), you know they're fanfic stuff, mostly because they all seem to be focused on the sex lives of the Darcys and, to a much lesser extent, the Bingleys. *shudder*

It's a good thing I got the free books, since it'll be a while before I can buy any. Most ebooks now cost about what a paperback book would cost. One cool thing, though, is that I can easily load my own books on it.

If anyone is wondering why I chose the Sony and not the Kindle, I'll tell you, but I'll stick this under a cut to avoid boring the non-techies on my flist.

The big thing is that the Kindle is approximately $100 more expensive. It has a lot more features - you can add notes, search the library, and download stuff wirelessly, and it has a built in dictionary. But although those things are nice, I primarily just want to use it to read books (duh), so I decided the extra money wasn't worth it right now. (The darn things are expensive enough as it is!)

Another thing is that the Sony is physically smaller - the Kindle is more than twice as thick. I carry the thing in my tote on the bus all the time, so that's a big factor.

The third thing will probably make no sense to anyone. But Sony used to restrict its reader to only its own format, and now that's changed - they allow many formats. This is the kind of response to customer demand - and customer freedom - that I like and want to encourage. Also, Kindle is intimately connected to the Internet, and I can't be bothered with that. I prefer just handling the books like I do my MP3 player. Seriously - if I want to upload my own book to the Kindle, I have to email it to my own account, then wirelessly download it. (And I live and work in dead zones, so that's not particularly convenient.) With the Sony, I just uploaded the rtf version of my story from my PC, and that was it.

Am I happy with it? Very. There are small disadvantages. I would really like the search function and dictionary. (Maybe Sony will add it later. I can hope.) The pages, even at the minimum font size, are smallish, so I can go through 2-3 per minute. (On the plus side, Sony has really speeded up their page turning, so it doesn't bother me much.) There can be a glare on the screen - however, for those of you who aren't familiar with the new ereader technology, the screen is not like a laptop. You can read it anywhere you can read a book, even in full sunlight. All in all, I love the thing. It's slim, elegant, has a nice cover, is easy to use, and, well, it's a book.

In other news, my roomie had to take two sick days, but she is better. Luckily, with all the play-off games this weekend, she'll get plenty of rest. As for me, I have a lingering but not troublesome cough - with this bug, the cough lasts about 2-3 weeks longer. But it's no big deal, and my energy, both mental and physical, is back. Whew.

I am slowly beginning to relax at the job. Although I have more work than I can comfortably handle, since we're still understaffed, I can work away without the horrible stress and tension that The Witch created in the office. Kelly is no pushover, but she's approachable and friendly. One thing that's gratifying to me - and I hope gives me job security - is that, as Kelly is planning to reshuffle duties, she is finding that several of my faculty members refuse to give me up as their administrator, including one I got recently when we became short-handed. So I'm much more comfortable and much less stressed, which allows me to handle the volume of work more easily and efficiently. I'm not getting everything done, of course. For example, my stack of filing is about 4" thick now. But without the hassle and tension, I'm getting done what I can without that awful, constant frantic feeling, and without being exhausted before I even finish making the coffee.


Ding-dong, the witch is dead, the wicked witch is dead....!

Or at least gone away! meh-heh!
I'm really glad to hear that your workplace has become a much happier and positive environment!
She's gone? For real? *does a happy dance singing "Ding-dong, the Witch is Dead" ...*

I'm so happy for you. At last!