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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

I finally got around to watching Pirates of the Caribbean 3. I enjoyed it, I can't deny it. I spent a lot of the last half of it on the edge of my seat. But my feelings are very mixed. I'll put a brief few reasons under a cut for spoilers.

On the con side:
*The body count was way too high. The hangings at the beginning really bothered me. Also, whenever I watch something with soldiers or sailors getting killed, I feel sorry for them - they're only obeying orders, in most cases.
* The plot was almost incomprehensible.
* Norrington died. I don't care that he died heroically, he died, and that sucketh.
* I sorta expected something more from the freeing of Calypso than a whirlpool.
* Will and Elizabeth were separated for 10 years. That, too, sucketh, and smacks of tear-jerk-plot-device. Bah.

On the plus side:
* The characters were all themselves. Who can ask for more than that? Especially with Barbossa in the mix.
* The pacing and fights were all great. I enjoyed it so much, the plot holes didn't bother me.
* Elizabeth made a great pirate king.
* Elizabeth and Will did finally get back together.
* Jack outwitted Barbossa yet again.


Spoiler here too...

I think the thing that bothered me the most about it was that Will technically died and you know that he and Elizabeth got it on. I know it never really shows it, but yeah...I'm weird like that. Stuff like that bothers me, yet I can watch True Blood where the main character is having sex with a Vampire, who is undead and I'm just fine with it, lol.

I am glad that the tribespeople did not eat the dog :)
The hangings at the beginning really bothered me.

Agreed. That scene made me feel rather depressed.

The plot was almost incomprehensible.

Tell me about it! My parents borrowed my Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End DVD last week... and I don't think they've ever been so confused in their entire lives!