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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Writer's Block: AKA

What's the story behind your username?
I once ventured into the world of Amway (against which I caution all of you), and needed a name for my "business". I've loved dragons all my life, and my mother suggested Dragonfare. I didn't like that for a "business", but I never forgot it, and as soon as I set up my first website, I dubbed my online self "Dragonfare".

Not very exciting, huh?


I don't know, it's far cooler a name than Amway is! Seriously, I actually always associated it with Anne McCaffrey -- I've always pictured you with a faire of fire lizards, or maybe real dragons, hidden somewhere in the background. (Probably out beyond the back pasture where they don't scare the horses...) Somehow Dragonfare has always just switched over to Dragon Faire in my mind without me realizing it.

Years after I claimed Dark Star on Animated Lust, (and a few other places) 'cause of the CSN song, now they have come up with a bad guy on -- Ben 10? -- one of the other shows? -- on either Nick or CN called, you guessed it -- Dark Star. I think I also ran across a reference once to some obscure anime or manga character called that, but it was very, very obscure.

Please believe me, I had not heard of either of them when I picked this out for a screen name. I don't think the one on Ben 10 or whatever even existed till this winter, I think he's new because I've never heard of him in the ads before this January.

I know it is a major no-no to use an animation name as your alias on the AL site. I am so sorry -- but I did it in total ignorance. And I'm stuck with it now. I always try Dark Star first, then Starweaver, then Starwefter -- usually everything bombs till I get to Starwefter. I think the only place I've used something else is on on Wikipedia where I'm Cardweaver (because I card weave) and my actual yahoo address where I actually got my initials and last name (proving how long I've had an address on yahoo, because I don't think anyone can do that anymore...).