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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Watched some movies this weekend - 27 Dresses, The Jungle Book 2, and Risky Business. I'll put my comments under a cut, for those who are interested.

27 Dresses was predictable and very cute. The cast was good. It's the first time I've seen most of them. Katherine Heigl was adorable, and Edward Burns... I could eat him right up. Of course I've seen James Marsden in Enchanted, and look, he's not really an idiot! Of course all the psychological messes with sister/sister and employee/boss somehow got ironed out in a couple of short conversations. Too bad life isn't like that. But hell, it was a movie, so who cared? Loved the touch of revenge at the end.

The Jungle Book 2 was barely worth the cost of renting from Netflix. It was pretty much a rehash of the original movie, and while I loved seeing Bagheera and Shere Khan again, none of the animal characters were used well. The story was not great, and the songs... well, there was a song. Sorta. I will disagree with the people who say the art/animation were poor. They were very good, and the jungle in particular was gorgeous. The only other plus was that it did allow Mowgli to say a better goodbye than in the original film (when he just walked out on Baloo and Bagheera), and resolves that he doesn't have to give up the jungle completely in order to be a man.

I watched Risky Business for Tom Cruise. I'm a late-blooming TC fan. I originally saw him in Legend, and between that and all the hype around him - which totally turns me off - I didn't watch him again until Top Gun. I really disliked that movie, so TC was not on my list yet. Then I saw The Last Samurai, which I watched in spite of Cruise, and I thought, hmmmm. Checked out Collateral and Minority Report, and was hooked. As for Risky Business itself, TC turned in his usual terrific performance, as did many of the other actors, but I didn't like the movie at all. I will confess that the song "That Old Time Rock & Roll" will forever make me drool like a Pavlovian dog, though. Oh. my. God.

And on the subject of movies, how cool is it that the awards just keep on coming in for Heath Ledger and the Joker?

I'm working on two Regencies at once, a brother/sister set of books. So far it hasn't become confusing. I'm also editing my other two completed Regencies, and doing a bit with Prelude. I seem to be doing a lot better with writing now that I have the Ranting Bitch off my back.


27 Dresses was pretty cute. Predictable, yes. But cute. My favorite scene was the drunken karaoke to 'Benny and the Jets.' *g*

I hadn't seen the second Jungle Book but I hadn't heard that great of reviews on it.
TC in his old movies wasn't so bad. His later movies aren't that great IMHO. Plus after all his latest psycho eps in public, I really have lost all respect for him.
I should watch 27 Dresses, I think. I really like Katherine Heigl (I know her from Grey's Anatomy), and sometimes I really like silly romantic comedies. :)

I can hardly stand to look at TC these days, which is a shame, because I really used to like him. I recommend Rain Man (excellent); A Few Good Men (if nothing else, what a perfect role for Jack Nicholson!); The Firm (which is the movie that made me like TC in the first place); and Interview with the Vampire (TC is an unlikely Lestat, but a surprisingly good one).
Hi Kat! Hope your doing well! I'm trying to catch up with all my ole friends, Im not on LJ much anymore just to read my flist, more facebook then anything. Hope you (and the critters!) are doing well! Miss ya! *HUG*
Wow!! HI!!! Guess I should spend more time working on my Facebook, huh?
Look me up. mlcolosimo at comcast do net