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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Movie time again.

On my Tom Cruise kick, I just saw Rain Man. This was a critically acclaimed movie for which Dustin Hoffman won an Oscar. But although I liked it OK, I was not wild about it. It was predictable, nasty in spots, and never quite touched my heart the way it was obviously meant to.

The acting was terrific. Cruise and Hoffman were both amazing, so the overall flatness of the movie can't be blamed on them. The pretty-boy reputation and off-camera issues with Cruise do tend to obscure the fact that the man can really act, and to me, if you're handing out Oscars, he should have gotten it. (But then Hoffman, who is also always amazing, should have gotten at least one, long before this.)

I can't tell you why it was flat for me. Maybe because Charlie's change of heart came so late in the film, and he so suddenly stopped using his head? Dunno. I just know that I watched two masterful, awesome performances, and still walked away feeling blah.

Honestly, folks, my life has something besides watching movies, but I know nobody wants to hear about me doing chores or working on AL, or even writing - which is how I spent most of my time this weekend.

But, on the subject of writing, I just got a Beta Reader (whose name I'll keep secret unless she doesn't care that I tell it) for Prelude, and got back Chapter 25 today. Very different kind of feedback than what I get from my Ruthless Editor, and so important! Yay!!


I don't care if people know that I beta read for you. :) It's fun!
OK, folks! My Beta Reader is coastal-spirit! Now you know! hee