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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

What was Disney thinking??

I've been doing a lot of screencaps lately, and today I followed Dumbo with Beauty and the Beast. Dumbo was released in 1941, Beauty and the Beast in 1991, 50 years later. And I have the special edition of the latter. But - how do you figure this?? - the caps from Dumbo were better quality than from BatB. In fact, there were places in BatB where I couldn't cap an image because the quality was so bad.

I remember when it first came out and I bought it. I regretted not buying the original DVD instead, because the "special" version had the lighting all wrong - it was as if they ironed out all the contrast. But I never suspected the image quality would be so bad. I've capped several Disney movies in the last few weeks, and on none of them did I have the poor quality as in this one. WTF???


I guess Disney is losing their touch on quality. My bust suggestion is to tinker with the the cap first on an art program like Photoshop or GIMP before you make an icon out of it. So that way it would feel right for you. Other than that I have no clue.
I hate, hate, HATE that "special edition" version of "Beauty and the Beast" for that reason. They DID iron all the contrast out of it. All the mystery is gone when the Beast's castle looks like it's in bright sunlight all the time. I remember being so disappointed the first time I watched it on DVD. I was expecting it to be perfect and instead it looked horrible. I haven't watched it again since. I just pray they fix it for the next go around.

It's by far the WORST Disney movie I own quality wise. The new "Sleeping Beauty" is lovely and Pinocchio gleams like it was made yesterday. "The Lion King" is still probably my highest quality standard definition DVD. I can't imagine what they did to Beauty to fuck it up so badly. >:P
Wow, you guys are making me glad that I missed out on that one before it went back into the vault! It's one of the few Disney films I don't own yet. The newer special editions really do look nicer. I recently bought Sleeping Beauty and Pinocchio, and they look as pristine as if they just came out last year! I own the Blu-Rays, but the DVDs that come in the Blu-Ray set look as good as is possible on standard DVD. :)