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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

I read something today that made me sad - Natasha Richardson died in a freak skiing accident. I only saw her in two movies, but I loved her in both. She came across as beautiful in an unusual, striking way, but also as a classy, kind lady. She was also married to another of my favorites, Liam Neeson. She was only 45. It's hard to comprehend a woman so vital having her life snuffed out like this, taking a simple beginner's skiing lesson. I had always hoped to see her in a movie again.


My heart goes out to Natasha's family, especially to her children...

So tragic. :(
This broke my heart a little bit. I was following the updates about her right after the fall, "Not feeling well, hospitalized, etc." And then Amy goes, "Oh no... Natasha Richardson died." And I was like, "She DIED? I thought she just fell..." It made me very sad. I always liked her - and of course her wonderful husband. To think how fast she went from skiing lesson to gone really shook me. Especially since she didn't have to die. It was another case of pathetic incompetence.

Her poor family...
I'm so sorry to hear this. Her family will be in my thoughts. Freak accidents of this kind are always especially hard to handle, since they come out of nowhere.
I also was very shocked to hear this. No one expects to die from bumping their head on the snow. I wonder if she could have already had an aneurysm or something, and the fall caused it to bleed. It's very sad, no matter what.
With the type of bleed she had, it can come really quick. Sometimes a bump on the head can do that, you don't have to have a pre existing condition for it to occur. Seeing so many neuro cases as a neuro nurse, some people just aren't lucky.
I felt so bad for Liam Neeson and his family.

But what is with celebs and dying in skiing accidents? Sonny Bono had the same sorta thing happen to him too. Seriously, they need to just stop with sporting activities altogether. Most of them seem to die in some horrible accident involving sports/hobbies.