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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

I think I've gone a bit overboard with screen caps....

I dunno what got into me. I just went on a binge this month, adding stuff to AL.

Here are the numbers ~

Total number of caps: 2,869 (and while I didn't use all of them, I used most of them!)
Total number of new show pages: 8
Total number of new character pages: 37
Total number of existing show pages contributed to: 4
Total number of existing character pages contributed to: 60

And there are still some films on my list that I haven't gotten to! I'm sick. Or crazy. Or both.


Sheesh. At least you do something with your screencaps. I just save pictures of my harem members to disk. And look at them now and again. Or make icons that I have nowhere to use, since LJ only lets us have 15 (grrrrr!).

Are you making your own screencaps? How do you do it?
Yup, I make my own screen caps. I watch DVDs on my PC using a program called PowerDVD, and it's easy. Of course, the ease is part of the problem! LOL!
I've wondered about getting something to use for screencapping stuff. I have a piece of screenshot freeware that isn't bad as far as it goes, but that isn't quite the same as having something to make your own from whatever DVDs you've got. My computers will both play DVDs, I think through Windows Media Player (?) (you can tell how often -- uh -- seldom I do this...) but I don't think I'll get quite the same quality with just the freeware...
I did caps from the movies below, and also show pages and character pages if any were missing:

Jungle Book
Jungle Book 2
Beauty and the Beast
Aladdin: The Return of Jafar
Aladdin and the King of Thieves
Tinker Bell
Hunchback of Notre Dame II
Porco Rosso
Tinker Bell isn't anything great, but it was cute and I did enjoy it.