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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

As if our money wasn't already too tight.... we had another $300 repair bill on the car. The starter needed to be replaced.

I was in Dallas when it wouldn't start. Luckily, I belong to the Chevron Travel Club, so they covered my towing. And just to prove that no cloud entirely lacks a silver lining, my tow truck driver was a charming man named Ira, and within minutes we were talking like old friends. (Good thing, considering we had a 50 mile drive together.) I was depressed about money and the car, and he was depressed because his wife's cousin had recently been killed, so we cheered each other up. Plus he needed the money, and also needed to borrow my cell phone, so I felt as if I were of real use to him, and that made me feel good. Yes, he was that nice.

As for the cell phone, don't freak, folks - I have Virgin Mobile, and I always have a huge balance that I'm trying to get rid of, rather than let VM keep, because I don't use the phone enough to use it all up. When my roomie drove to North Carolina to visit her sick mom, she took my phone, which worked out great. I loved getting to let Ira use it, since both his wife and his boss were trying to reach him (he had dropped his own cell phone in the toilet the day before).

The other good thing that happened about the incident is this: I figured my roomie might not be able to get a ride home, Wal Mart employees not being known for their kindness, so I had resigned myself to another hour on the road to go get her. (This was at about 8:30 PM.) However, she had three people offer to give her a ride, and the lady who brought her would not take a penny for gas, even though it was about 10 miles out of her way.

So, yeah, cars break down, freak you out, and cost lots of money. But it takes a crisis to make you see how good people can be.

On another tack, I got a writing surprise. Long long ago (in a galaxy far, far away.... *slaps self*) I wrote a ficlet with a Star Wars theme. Yesterday someone read it, gave it a good review, and put the story and me on her favorites lists. Wow!!


Where is your ficlit?