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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Itso isn't recovering as quickly as we hoped. He is eating more - a lot more - but isn't drinking enough. We think the antibiotic may be making him queasy, so we're going to check with the vet about that.

On a much lighter note, two things for the folks on my flist.

1) For anyone on my flist who is an animation lover, voting for the AL Mickey Award starts late tonight and runs until Friday night, May 8. (For those of you who don't know AL, it's my animation site, and the Mickey is the award for movies and characters from movies.) If you're interested, go to http://fantasykat.com/mickey-vote.html and vote for your favorites. There are a lot of nominees, but you don't have to vote for only one in the categories.

2) Does anyone on my flist know anything about pedicures? I'm getting to the point where it is excruciatingly painful to cut the toenails on my right foot, but I have no idea how much a basic pedicure costs and what you get for it.


I'm sending healing vibes to Itso and hoping that he'll get well very soon!
I hope Itso is feeling better soon. At least he's eating, which is a good sign.

I have no idea what a pedicure would cost where you live, but they're about $50. here. I've never had one, since the cost is prohibitive, but someone gave me a manicure as a gift once, and my hands were soaked in nice warm water, and they massaged nice cream into them, and they took care of my cuticles, and cut and filed and painted my nails. I would assume that a pedicure would be something like that, but I'm not sure.

And I'm sure that's spectacularly unhelpful ...

Could Randi be persuaded to cut your toenails? I have Wes cut mine now, because, like you say, it's very painful for me to do it.

Edited at 2009-04-26 09:56 pm (UTC)
Sorry to here about Itso. Hope he recovers fast.

I've had pedicures but I've also got really dry feet - so I'm all for them because I'm really active and that involves abusing your feet half the time. Depending on where you go, I've had deals where you can get a mani-pedi for like $35, so you need to shop around. I would say depending on what you want, a sport mani usually just involves soaking the toes, trim the nails, clear the dead skin, and a light polish depending.
If you have a local beauty college they probably do manicures, they might do pedicures as well -- it would be worth checking out, anyway. If they do, the price would probably be much cheaper than a regular salon.

The price for haircuts and etc. can vary widely salon to salon, so my guess is it can for mani/pedicures as well -- it's probably worth calling around and getting a few different quotes.
Working on voting! lol I voted for the Movies category, but now I've got to run, so I'll come back later to vote in the Characters category!! ^_^

I wanted to nominate some, but just haven't been able to focus on much of anything lately... I figured after staring blankly at the nomination screen for about 10 minutes, I probably wasn't going to be able to come up with much... -__-;;

I've no advice for you about pedicures, but I do hope you'll find what you need and be on the mend soon!! :)